Fan Art mistake in the latest issue

The latest issue has a goof. From what I understand SFMC did two of the bigger works and I submitted an old sakura drawing I did, but either we both have the same names (peter nguyen) or there has been a mixup.

I emailed the comic telling them about this and I hope it’ll get sorted out. SFMC works are way better than my little old sakura drawing and I hope he gets the credit, I don’t want people assuming I did the other two.

So if anyone from the comic is reading this, please sort it out.

AH! I am very sorry about this. Coz I was looking at the names and I thought it is the same person!

I will make a note in later issues about this.

Thanks. I know how things at places like comics can be hetic, I work for a magazine and sometimes things get fast paced and little things like this have a way of slipping by.

Hehe yeah name should be Peter Nguyen also. Mouko I seen your name on tournament charts too here on srk. yeah both of us are Peter Nguyen.

To both Peter:

E-mail me your address and will send out goodies.

Again sorry for the confusion.

congrats on makin it on issue 5.

Everyone keep an eye out for my girl’s work :slight_smile: she’s bomb.

haha yeah grats to both peters! it’s an understandable mistake udoneko, i’m sure there are no worries. speaking of mistakes tho - are SFMC’s pictures mirror-reversed? just asking because i could have sworn that sagat art was facing the other way when i saw it on the boards, and that ICI sig looks flipped…

Actually its I]I which spells out my viet name DI.

ah, i guess it’s the right way then!

Great work SFMC, I hope you’ll still work and send in more pieces in the future as well.