Fan Art Theme Week 1

Well, here’s the poll to start out the first theme week. The theme I guess will be the “poster boy/girl” for the major fighting game or fighting game company. I’ll leave the poll open until monday then the character voted will be the character for that week. Submissions will be due next sunday (the 28th). Submit all entries (and ideas for next weeks theme) to this thread. Now poll away!

i vote for mai! drool

marvel all the way

Already done all those so whats left was millia and kyo so I went with millia.

i vote for ryu! drools

dude, I cant vote…but you can bet your ass it would be magneto

looks like it will either be magnus or chun. voting will end tommorrow, so keep 'em coming!

wow, ended up being close. for those of you that can’t see the poll results, magneto won by 1 vote.

Ok, so you got until sunday to submit some dope magneto artwork. Hope this gets some good entries!

Well, here’s a little something to get this thing going. Post any critiques, comments whateva.