Fan At For Sammy vs Capcom


Hey Guys Im so hyped up on the Sammy vs Capcom Theme, that on my spare time im making Images of Dream Matches that could happen in the game…so are is the first Pic I made…

Tell Me What U guys Think Out There…:wink:


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Dammit I put The wrong Coding…:lame:


fixed it:)


Hey that’s a good idea… I think I shall go draw a Sammy vs Capcom pic now.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thxs Alot Man…Im trying to fix all the coding On the pics i made, My comp did something to the Images which is pretty gay, put ima post some up today…espeacially The “Demitri vs Slayer” Photoshop Image I did…:cool:


Ok here goes one That u maybe saw in the sammy vs capcom talk it’s “Dante vs Johnny”




this will make a good contest.


Those Demitri n Dante art look so badass I’ve never seen those before. Yes this would make an awesome contest… let’s all draw Sammy vs Capcom!!! I think I’m gona do multiple stuff… this is fun…


DANTE owns but the demitri one looks tight. i cant wait for that game to come out. anyone know when it will be out?


Just curious

Where’d you guys find those images of the Sammy characters? I’ve never seen any of them. I find that any decent pics of Sammy characters are hard to find.


Decided I had to join the fun, not official art, but the artist rules.


Wow, Alex vs Johnny looks pretty kick ass… I’m Working very hard on The Zero vs Robo KY Image but like this other guy said it’s really hard to find Sammy Images, & so robo ky is hard to find… Also The Justice Vs Akuma Wallpaper is coming out pretty bad ass as a wallpaper but im not posting it up till last cause im really drawing justice since his pics are pretty hard to find. and also u can find some sammy pics going to the japanesse’s sites for Guilty Gear X, X Plus & X2 just go to and click on the links :cool:


Hey Guys I’m Back With a New Image Robo Ky vs, Zero Check It Out…:evil:


Ok Brit Look since ur email is gay, just click on the pic below…


Britney click on the link below…:smiley:


sammy vs capcom then why are there marvel and snk chars :confused:


This message wasn’t for u, it was for someone that cloudn’t connect with me trought AIM so i posted up here, srry…