Fan built-in of SlimPS2

The only problem of Slim PS2 I am sick of is the flip-top cover. Unlike the OLD PS2, it loads games with tray like the computer rom, which is pretty cool.

However, this question should be attributed to experient modders. My question is whether the slim PS2 has built-in or internal fan? I have just had my PS2 modded(slim PS2). It plays everything great except for the fact that the chip is clone and all of the PSX1 including imported PSX1 games don’t work on the console. I have asked the seller who sells modded PS2, and she said that the slimPS2 has a fan built-in, about which I am now skeptical.

What cause this curiosity is that I have tried to have the console on for about an hour. During this time, it is hot as flame as much as the NEOGEO FIX has been installed to protect overheating and len burning out.

This is why I am asking whether the Slim PS2 has an internal or built-in fan?

Yes it does.

Couple of questions: Are you playing your system on a carpet? Are you playing your console in an enclosed space? It needs proper ventilation so that cooler air can come in and the warmer air car go out.

Hmmm…it won’t play imported or native PSX games, huh? Sounds like you need a Breaker Pro.