Fan fiction sites

I hate FanFiction.Net.

Where else can I go to submit fics? Anywhere reliable?

Thank in advance.

I’ve been looking for other places to go. I made a thread for fancis and whatnot in GD but some punk called it “garbage” and it was locked. Seems you can only discuss SF fanfics and stuff here. I’ll keep you posted. specs.

What Specs Said: Uh, we kinda have an official Writer’s thread on GD. Maybe if you ask your question there you’ll find something out, but it’s been dead for quite a while. Maybe your post would revive it or something. :slight_smile:

What Reggie said: Belive it or not could be a good fanfiction site if it only has a good raiting system w/ good checks and balances and have some fair mods the monitor over the reviews and fiction post. Maybe if you try a specialty site where users write only a certain anime, game or whatever. :slight_smile: