Fan Poll



Hello Balrog plalyers. The reason for the poll is to get real votes from real players and fans. One of the projects that I created with the help of mega tallented FGC artist Bosslogic was a shirt for PR Balrog. Now my question to you guys is this "would you purcahsed a Inthul Tshirt

I would like to get your true honest answer. These shirts will go into print soon. If you would feel weird about wearing a shirt with another players name please make it noted. If you feel that you would purchase the shirt with out his name then make it known as well. We at DMG want to give back to the fans and supporters. So please write down all your feedback please.


I say this as both an absolute avid lover of Balrog and also as a fan (at least viewer wise - I absolutely love watching PR Balrog’s games) of PR B himself.

I wouldn’t really wear a T-Shirt with Player names on them (doesn’t matter what name or who it represents). Typically, considering the only reference to Balrog is the famous Quotes on the front and back (From an outsiders view, Boxing Gloves could mean anything other than 'Yeah, this is dedicated to that awesome Boxer in SF), it really doesn’t scream “BALROG” to me… Ultimately it’s got the stars & stripes, the gloves, some win-quotes and the rest is a staple/name to PR Balrog and Dominion Method Gaming.

The design is nice and clean but it doesn’t really say much to me - If I was to go all out SF Crazy nuts, sure, I wouldn’t have a problem sporting one of those nice T-Shirts - But aye, without any disrespect to the awesome PR Balrog, I would prefer it if it didn’t have ANY Player Names, advertisements or shout outs on it at all.

Thats just me and my awkward taste - I like much plainer T-Shirts, basically :sweat:


Thanks for the feedback. That seems to be the pulse of a lot of fans. They are against wearing a shirt with another players name. I on the other hand don’t let things like that bother me. I wear clothing like this shirt for style and colors. Having another name on it doesn’t make me feel any less but again I respect your point of view. One of the reasons we can’t use a Blarog likeness is due to copywrite law.


Of course, I understand and respect that issue.

Thing is we are all individuals, people have their preferences and you’ll find there is never going to be, for want of better wording, “One size fits all” when it comes to what people like with their clothes. Some people out there will surely have no problem with names on their shirts but if I was looking to market something, I’d take note that the majority of the market would likely prefer not having stuff like that on the clothes.

Good luck with it either way.