Fanatiq & MegamanDS presents MvC3CrackTV... Combo Videos, Glitches and more!

Fanatiq and I started a youtube channel called YouTube - MvC3CrackTV’s Channel.

MvC3 CrackTV is now on facebook. If you just search for “mvc3 CrackTV” , it should pop up. Just like the page and comment if you want. We need 25 people to like it before it becomes official! Thank you all!

So our first project, we had it on the front page, but no where really to post it. So I guess this thread will be our official thread for glitches, combo videos, exploits and other fun things we find.

First video - [media=youtube]GGIt_EvinOI[/media] March 14, 2011
This video shows that you can actually have unlimited aerial tags as long as you relaunch your opponent. So characters that can air dash, dive kick or land before your opponent and relaunch, you can keep looping between the two. There is a 33% chance though your opponent can escape.

Second video - [media=youtube]G1JFdbbIaOU[/media] March 17, 2011
This is our first combo video we spent a couple weeks working on. We really were in love with these characters since we have 10+ years experience with them, so we decided to dedicate our first combo video to them.

Third video - [media=youtube]Q87PYHmnm88&feature=feedu"[/media] March 21
This is 15 minutes of HD (720p) match videos of me and fanatiq playing. You can see my frustration how much I hate level 3 x-factor -_-

Fourth Video - [media=youtube]3wt7FuT4bMY[/media]
This is a fly tutorial for all magneto players having trouble figuring it out. Shows different variations as well.

Fifth Video - [media=youtube][/media][media=youtube]1ctYK5YYSP8[/media] June 6
This is a video of Fanatiq responding to Daigo’s challenge at MvC3. Fanatiq accepts the challenge and will play him at Revelations (if Alex Valle permits it) for the world to see that 10 years of MvC2 experience is greater than a new challenger.

Sixth Video - [media=youtube]CrBhIBswBFA[/media] June 20
This is part 1 of a 4 part series of a FT15 with added commentary between us and how we played back then. We will do a more up to date FT15 with new play styles showing how [Tournament Legacy] Fanatiq got 4th place at Revelations.

part 2 [media=youtube]d-b5hAWt8Sk[/media]

part 3 [media=youtube]j7F3m_Vj9O4[/media]

part 4 [media=youtube]h_8oR4P6iiQ[/media]

Hope you guys enjoy and subscribe if you do! Thanks.

MegamanDS & Fanatiq

The music is nice.

Good stuff,it actually felt like I was watching a old MSS combo vid lol.

how do you get magnetos j.H to cross up like that

Team Beast makes a come back?! Good shit man.

Badass videos, guys!

i will be frequently checking this thread

lol, we had to throw in a flashback combo.

Thanks for the support guys. There will always be original music by fanatiq in our video also.

Will you guys be focusing on the entire roster or just a certain handful of characters/teams, while there be concept matches?

nice, but ppl need to keep in mind that air tech allows you call your assist, so mvc2 style resets can actually leave you open or give your opponent the advantage. at the end of the day, they’ll just boil down to mixups once ppl learn

Show me some matches son. I wanna see how good you and fantiq are, or should I just go to a gathering to see how yah play?

I believe this was the case in mvc2 as well… Could be wrong…

if you were being resetted in mvc2, you didn’t gain access to your assist until your feet touched the ground. in this game, you have access your assist after any air tech (normal jump height or sj height) while you’re still in the air.

Yeah I remember now. I knew it was similar but couldn’t remember the specifics. Thanks for clarifying… I guess in one way it makes it easier to bait people who are mashing assist. For those who don’t however, they still have to predict the reset so it’ll still have some use, just in a different capacity.

good stuff guys, and really like the jams lately fanatiq!

Nice Vids, love the music

glitch vid is being made, might be postponed a few days because we are trying to turn it into something better. Match videos of us playing will be upped tonight as a time killer for you guys waiting.

Sorry for the delay

Don’t sweat it! Take all the time you guys need, I’m sure it’lll be worth the wait!

stay gdlk ds! :cool:

I look forward to the matches.