Fanatiq money match thread round 3


Well its about time I start this… its the same deal I do this every year. Everybody get some and I’ll update the first post. Post your stipulation and how much you wanna play for. $20 and under just talk to me at evo you don’t have to post about those.
Money matches in marvel, IIdx, PPL, and I got a friend that will smash anybody in puzzle fighter. I’ll set anyone up that wants to play him so just get at me. Also have a friend willing to smash anyone in tekken DR so get at me for those also.

Finally, I’m willing to do weird matches like 3 game sets, 3rd strike tekken and marvel.

Fanatiq vs J360 1st to 10 $100 runback from last year.
Fanatiq vs J360 1st to 10 $100. me using stick (the other one I’m using ps2 controller)

Fanatiq vs Toan 1st to 10 1000+side bets.

Fanatiq Vs. Golden Nizmor 1st to 7 $100

Fanatiq vs. Toberlicious FT7 $100


2v2 in xmvsf also?


Hmmm if some how i got a hold of kenny from vegas, I’d put 1k on him over anyone in Puzzle fighter. If I do I’ll see ya at evo nat.


OK so I will back Mr. NAPS
$1000 in tekken
$100 in Marvel
$1000 3s



poster #13 seems interested here:


you know i love you mad dawg! but i’m up for donations

4 out of 7 $100 :bgrin:

my boy Toberlicouz also 4 out of 7 for a $100

Hawaiian money is good G!


First off the money must all equal out to the same ammount… if you were talking all 3 games vs. me.

If you weren’t, my buddy will definitely play mr. naps for the 1k in tekken. His brian isn’t that Godlike so yea lets run that.


OK well I’ll definitely back my boy at vegas, the same dude I kick it with every time I go out there, Mr. Sanchez. 1k sounds great to me…

Goden Niz…I’ll do first to 7 for 100 with both of you guys. Lets go