Fancy Liberation Assist Combos or Set- Ups?

So which charges are more practical for combo extension? And is the there anything for 2 charges of destructor and creator or are those useless? ( the spikes and “disappear”)

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Check the combo thread or look on youtube. Combo thread has all the useful ones and XF ones. You can jump cancel your s.S into 2D 1C and 1D 2C. Theres others too.</span></font>

1C, A decently damaging ender for most combos, if followed by a dark matter, seems redundant when you can use dark hole, though.<br><br>1D, Not great, can possibly link to a dark matter, but I’ve only managed it once when I wasn’t trying to, and it’s not reliable.<br><br>2D, easily chargeable with most assists, and can be preceded by and followed by a dark matter for extra damage. Really useful in corner combos, as it’s really easy to charge twice starting there.<br><br>2C, looks really really cool, can’t figure out much use for it otherwise, possibly good with specific assists. Only decent midscreen, either use as a midscreen ender with flame carpet+assist if you already have it charged (but why would you not just charge 1D1C for the option of charging inferno?) and possibly works with specific long-lasting THCs.<br><br>1D1C, great after certain corner and midscreen stalking flare juggles, charge it to pull them back down into either a followup, if possible, or chaotic flame. <br><br>2D1C, amazing for setting up stalking flare juggles. Launcher cancelled into this move does a ton of damage and meter build, and sets up near-guaranteed flare juggles, as you can teleport up and j.S them to the ground.<br><br>2C1D, allows certain rawtags after the meteors, helps increase damage when starting in the corner after you’ve already used up your wallbounce (I’ve only found the need for this in nonpractical rawtag-to-dorm combos, so you needn’t worry about it I think), also allows for much larger followups after a stalking flare juggle. Useful when you have it, and you get it from time to time without using it, so it’s a bonus then.<br><br>3D, pretty universal extension assist, works from a lot, and can be charged up in a lot of corner combos from nothing.<br><br>3C, Spencer restand assist. I think that’s about where the usefulness ends.<br>

Thanks for the rundown! Hopefully this will help other people too.<br>

WAIT. Derp, all that is for Dorm using his own charges. I need to read more. Still useful to know, I guess, but apparently this thread is for liberation as an assist.<br><br>Biggest thing is Stalking Flare as a THC. Doesn’t make a difference for about 100% of my characters, who either enjoy Chaotic Flame THC or Dark Hole assist too much to switch, but it’s useful sometimes.<br><br><br> For the assist itself…well, 2D is still a fast soft knockdown that juggles for a while, and meteors (both forms) still catch people up high and pull them to the floor for a hard knockdown as well…use those as you’d use other knockdown assists, think like a better Lariat for extension.<br><br>2D1C is probably the ultimate get-off-me assist, but for that much setup is it worth it? Not sure. <br><br>I THINK, not positive, that 3C hits low…if it does, Dante unblockables with his get-over-here resets? Or maybe Spencer resets with his otg grapple…not sure how convenient they’d be, but they may work. If 3C doesn’t hit low, disregard this entirely.<br>

2D1C assist is god-like for get-off-me<br>1D2C assist is god-like for zoning and lockdown<div>3D is pretty much a beam assist, I’m not sure if it hard knockdowns but if it does then it’s good for dr doom and others that can confirm off that</div><div>3C is good against morrigan (if you can land it)</div><div><br></div><div>But seriously liberation assist is so hard to use it’s not even worth it imo.</div>

All of them (except for 0D3C) are practical for combos. 0D3C and 2D1C are great for precision mix-ups.

Liberation assist only seems hard to use because most Dormammu players lack the mindset necessary to use it to it’s full potential.

Also, having Stalking Flare within a THC (with certain characters) will tend to cause ambiguous cross-ups with the proper spacing.