(Fanmade) Phoenix Wright Reveal Trailer and Move List Breakdown

Well folks, looks like we’ve finally got our first taste of PW gameplay footage.



After looking the video over and over, I think I can outline some basic info about how he plays:

  • has a moderate amount of health (seems just shy of 1,000k).
  • is mostly a short-ranged character, doesn’t display any special projectiles.
  • quite fast at getting into close range.
  • has TWO air jumps (or air dashes!).
  • his theme is kick-ass.
  • oddly enough bears some resemblance to V. Joe of all people. Not sure why.
  • lawyer tier.

**- Accusing Flurry - **(mash :l:)
An aerial attack where Phoenix quickly jabs the opponent with his finger 4 times.

- Lawful Flail - (mash :m:)
Another aerial attack where Phoenix stabs with his index 5 times.

- Judging Spasm - (mash :h:)
The third version of Phoenix’s aerial attack, hitting 6 times but ending with a sharp spin to the opponent.

**- Desk Denter - **(air :s:)
A crippling instant S that pummels opponents with a harsh elbow. validity

**- Evidence - **(hold :b:)
It’s merely his block, however the interesting part is that it negates all chip damage! Talk about defence!

- Prosecution Beam - ( :qcf: + :atk::atk: )
Phoenix Wright gets some help from his old friend and rival attorney, Edgeworth, who soars down and shoots the opponent with a huge blue beam shot. Air OK.

- Cross Examine - ( :qcb: + :atk::atk: )
This hyper has very short range, but if it connects the opponent’s lies and contradictions get read out, slowing their movement/speed down to a guilty crawl.

- Objection! - ( :dp: + :atk::atk: )
The move you’ve all been waiting for. This hyper is almost unstoppable, Phoenix’s finger literally catches on fire as he finger jabs rapidly into a final launching objection. Can be combo’d into after the hyper is finished.**

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