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I’ve been called:

But I’ve also been called entertaining by 60 million people. You be the judge.

I"ll be banned by the time you read this.

Haha. I liked the commentary while playing BioShock 1. I’ll subscribe

I respect your hussle keep making that youtube ad money, but I honestly find you annoying so yea… sorry can’t subscribe to you. Good luck though, no honestly… :coffee:

Whats the point of this, Phil? WTF are you doing on youtube anyway? I don’t keep up with youtube.

I enjoy all of your videos, Phil!

Your* Heavy Rain* playthrough was hilarious!

Keep up the good work.

Giggle for us, please

No really, there’s a fucking video thread. I know you know that…ya know…since you’ve been in the SRK community longer than I have.

Phil, you banned me from commenting on your videos when I asked for a rematch on XBL. Why did you do that to me? Why do you ban everyone who disagrees with you? Why do blame all your failures on lag?

Its too bad that 60 million is a wrong number since if I go to your page 1000 times in an hour, it adds a 1000 views to your page. Everytime I refresh your page, your view count goes up so get a hold of reality. I dont hate you Phil, I hate you 14 year old fans.

your right about the views but if you count ALL of his vids, its pretty much up there, its the IPs that matter. dont get offended if he doesnt play you, he gets invites all the time and he gets criticism all the time, just like any other person with fans. why did he ban your comments? would you want to look at negativite comments all day, prolly not.

You’ve also been called Rufus. Don’t forget that. :rofl:

Rather enjoy your videos though. Keep it up.

I enjoy watching Phil’s stuff from time to time. I’m suprised G4 hasn’t hired Phil yet–his show would cause controversy and draw huge ratings.

>Called entertaining by 60 million people


Oh wait, you’re serious?

Let me laugh HARDER


Protip: Total views for all 50 of your channels =/= people who actually (still) watch you.

Did you really try to advertise yourself on this forum?