Fanta Fightstick/ New Fightstick Help


My fightstick just broke and looking for a new cheap reliable fightstick… Is the fanta fightstick good? Is is for xbox 360? What kind of gate does it have? Any other recommendations?

Is there a good cheap Hori Fightstick for 360?


You should try the Hori EX2 For 360 :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any other advice???


iv got the blaze fightstick its ok but dose any 1 no if it can be modded thx


Hori EX2 for 360 only if you change out the switches on the stick and add a more stiff spring. the buttons may last you a while if you aren’t too rough while playing :stuck_out_tongue:


Fry’s has SE for 360 for $49.99

its not Hori but its way easier to upgrade later or fix if buttons go bad


IMO, when it comes to arcade sticks, between cheap and reliable, you only get to choose one.


I’m not the only one who think these things feel absolutely HORRIBLE on terms of their stock parts right?

Get a madcatz SE, they’re pretty sturdy for a while and you can swap out the buttons/joystick when you want then.


If you want a cheap try the datel , the stick got the omron switchs, the buttons it´s looks like PS-14-GN(worst, but the tap looks like PS-14-GN):sweat:
I don´t recomend this cheap sticks but…Go for HRAP EX, Did you live in USA? They are cheap in there.


Yeah the EX2 was my first next gen stick. Buttons went out on me in like a month. Bought a SE and it lasted me 6 months with no problems. I upgraded to a TE and sold the SE to my friend. He is still using it 4 months later.