Fanta PX $76 Xbox 360 & PS3 compatible out the box oh and by the way US shipping is only $75


Here is a comparison in size to the TE This is the older PS3 version but it has the same form factor

A Korean made stick coming November 5 available thru play-asia

Here is a Review of the PS3 version looks exactly the same they just added 360 support

I’m pretty sure the stick uses knock-off korean parts, but not bad for $100 dual compatible stick that I believe is swap-able for the good stuff

I know there has been a ps3 model out for a while

[]Mode Switch - PS3 / XBOX360 / PC all can be compatible
]Plug and Play! - Fanta Stick PX is convenient to run right now when it connects with console.
[]Vibration Function! - Two vibration modes are valid by two strong motors in stick.
]Turbo Function! - No.1~8 buttons can be valid for TURBO function.
[]Multi Customs - Circular guide and 4 Ways guide can be compatible, just for your choice.
]High Sensitive Micro Switch Button! And High class lever stick - There are no trouble with no-signal and key-lock; it’s easy for commands input.
chime in if you have one of the old models

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Fanta stick PX questions(need help)

The stick must be a knock off it comes with a free restrictor plate

I don’t know of any Korean sticks with any sort of restrictor plate please chime in if I’m wrong

That thing has a old school layout its like my Konami hyperstick L1/L2 and LB/LT as first set of buttons weird layout maybe its a KOF thing chime in if you know about this

It also has freakin rumble motors in it what the hell

I might have to wait for MarkMan’s review. We all know he’s going to get one


I see an obligatory snip wires mod for disabling vibration feedback in the horizon…


yeah I would play with it for a few rounds to get a chuckle :rofl: but then they would be yanked. I’ve only seen a couple sticks with rumble feature I guess there trying to be different form the comp but its a dumb idea.They would prolly do more harm than good.

The wires for the motors could be used add led’s you would not have to solder to get some juice form the pcb


They have the wrong game for Korean parts.


this one oughta be interesting.


They cant afford a tekken license from Namco. I herd if you give SNK Playmore a six pack they’ll give you a license

besides this stick prolly feels closer to a JLF than a true Korean stick.

I know laugh talked about the PS3 version of this stick but I can’t remember what he said


Vibration?! o_O


Bat-top with vibration… hmm, maybe this is what I need to get my girlfriend into fighters.


For powerful game.


This is stick not made by Saulabi its Gammac
here’s the facebook page


Yeah, I know. Just a bad joke.

I wonder if that Bat top is removable and if it’s mountable on a JLF.


posted a comparison pic to the TE

The stick panel must slide in some how into a groove of some sort cause, I just noticed it does not have bottom screws unless there located under the art work


Definitely not a real K-stick, the dustwasher makes it look like a Sanwa knockoff with a battop.

I’d like to at least see the innards, to see if a Fanta or a Crown can be mounted in it. Also, hopefully for Korean parts sake, the button holes are 28mm, for 203A goodness.

I could see myself getting this over another Saulabi depending on the price point to mod if all of the above was good.


they are 30mm
here is a link to a picture of the bottom of the buttons at least for the PS3 version but im pretty sure they are the same,r:7,s:0

There is a link in the first post has a review unfortunately he does not seem to be very knowledgeable about sticks but he put it as a in between sanwa and korean stick I’m not sure if you can mount a real fanta


So there’s that.


Ew, no buy for me. I’m not opposed to 203Cs, I just prefer 203As for my builds.

Saulabi then for me.


(Dons flame resistant suit)

Knock off parts for a knock off game franchise. Seems fitting.

Just kidding KoF lovers (all 29 of you), I really hope the console version of 13 isn’t total ass and gets some love.


Stupid to call a stick a “Fanta” when it doesn’t even use a proper Fanta style stick.

That said, that restricor plate makes me think that it’s using a JLF clone.


Don’t you love these grey market items.