Fanta PX $76 Xbox 360 & PS3 compatible out the box oh and by the way US shipping is only $75

Hmm, that mounting bracket doesn’t look accommodating with any existing mounting plate if I’m not mistaken.

it may be accommodating to a real fanta stick but I’m still not sure about the depth of the stick will be accommodating though

Can anyone confirm for sure what fits on the mounting bracket?

Or if the holes are okay for a Sanwa mounting bracket?

That button layout looks wonky as hell.

MAYBE if you’re going to use the last six to the right, but it does not fit any widely regarded layouts like vewlix, and looks weird being raised so much above stick placement too :confused:

Appears closest to HRAP1 which was, IMO, phased out for a reason.

That start button is wicked close to the buttons. I forsee many unwanted pauses with that stick, but that’s just me.

The top row of buttons? No way. Those are plenty far enough away.

Bashing KOF yet you have a avatar from Marvel 2. Oh the humor :slight_smile:

got this stick off of craigs list for $60, i didnt know that it came with a 4way gate until after i bought it, so thats all i need atm, already replaced the buttons with sanwas, anybody have this and replaced the stick with a jlf or anything else?

nice, iirc they were like 80 when i was in korea, but im not a fan of the case.

Do the Sanwa buttons fit tightly, and have you replaced the stick with Sanwa or a real Fanta stick? Could you post pics?

anyone know if this stick has its parts soldered into it? or is it easy to mod?

scroll up you will see how the buttons are attached

So when does it vibrate? lol… Shit better not be shaking when I’m getting hit in a combo. That shit would be the ultimate salt lol.

Play-Asia has it on sale for $80 (usually $100)…too bad shipping’s still $75+ though. Otherwise, I’d be on this.

It’s down to $76 down now but shipping (to the U.S.) is still $75+ dollars.

i thoguht shipping would be 40-55 max

Well, it was $54 last Nov. when I checked…& nowadays it’s $76 (shipped to Texas).

BTW, the stick went back up to $95.

I need to replace the custom stick of fanta PX (Gammac), do you know what fits on It? A real fanta or sanwa can be mounted on it?

4 year old bump.

Instead of bumping a topic where the last reply was in 2012, you probably should ask this in the Q&A sticky thread.

Nice wise…

Anyways… i modded Misterio’s Fanta Stick with some Sanwa clone…

FantaStick mounting bracket is weird as fuck… maybe is compatible with true Korean Levers… but as fantastick is just a JLF Clone i did this:

1.- dissassemble joystick’s base (from mounting plate) on both FantaStickClone and Sanwa JLF…

2.- mount the base of your new JLF into the fantaclone mountingplate… you’re done :slight_smile: