Fanta stick PX questions(need help)


My friend want to me to help him customize his Fanta stick PX KOF XIII ed . I know its a Koren fightstick and Koren parts . He want to me to change the buttons and the art work. From what little info I know about the stick is the stock buttons there are 28mm if I’m not mistaken , the Sanwa are 30mm, so you have to shave/drill/ect. to make the holes bigger and then daisy chain the buttons and soldering them to the pcb. What is the best method to use to make the holes bigger? where can I find the template? where can I find the schematic to know how the button is laid out on the pcb? also where can I find some where that has stuff that per-daisied chain?

P.s is it also possible to put lights in that fight stick ? if so which are the best light to use ?


I think the only way to swap those 28mm buttons is to make another top panel for japanese buttons… but this stick is almost unknown the side of the world so, I don’t think any of the custom metal top panel makers will have a template for that specific stick, so you must do it by yourself in a metal shop.

For the daisy chain is easy, FA carry some for 10 and 3 contacts, but those have 0.110"qd for sanwa/seimitsu buttons.

And for the lights, well yeah, you could go with sanwa or seimitsu clear buttons and add a FGW Led Controller along with some KNserts from Toodles and you are good to go.


Here’s the original thread that was posted for the stick. Fanta PX $76 Xbox 360 & PS3 compatible out the box oh and by the way US shipping is only $75

One post someone confirmed that you can fit 30mm buttons in it, but it seems like they’re wired directly to the switch. Although an image of the KoF one seems to have QDs.