Fanta Stick PX


I noticed that this wasn’t mentioned in the the stick guide and a quick search brought up nothing.

Has anyone tried this stick? They are going pretty cheap at the moment on play-asia.

How do they compare to sticks of similar price?

I’m currently using the wireless Tekken 6 stick which is pretty crap and looking for an affordable decent stick that works with 360.


This is another crappy stick. Don’t think of using it if you are considering customization. You will have to make a custom plate to fit another joystick into it such as sanwa or seimitsu. I would like to explain more, but it would take too long and I would have to show you all the structural flaws of the product. Just trust me when I say it is crap. It took quite a while to make it decent. I did customize it, but it still is crap. If you are looking for a cheap joystick with support for both consoles just get a paewang revolution.

Ps. Fantastick uses really cheap parts with no brand name. The only good thing about the stick is the rumble, but one of the two roters in mine stopped working.


if i were you i would try to get a wwe brawl stick.