Fanta vs. Happ/iL


I want a stick with a round gate and that springs back to neutral really fast. I also prefer one that is stiffer. Mainly planning to play Tekken and Marvel with this stick. Which would you go for? I don’t have much experience with Korean sticks but from what I’ve seen I like them. But I also don’t mind American sticks and have more experience using them. American parts are also easier cheaper and easier to get if they should happen to break.

I have a Sanwa stick for SF2/4 but I don’t care for Japanese parts for neither Tekken or Marvel.


I played exclusively on a Fanta stick for about a month, and it was really loose. Happ’s are way stiffer imo.


I recommend a Seimitsu LS-56 + bat top. Tighter than a Sanwa, and superior in quality to Happ/iL parts. I haven’t experienced a Korean stick, so no comment there.


I’ve got a Myoungshin Fanta and a Crown 303, the Fanta feels quit a bit stiffer than a Happ stick I used in an arcade awhile back. However, the Crown stick is about as loose as an ls-40. If you’re using mishimas mostly in Tekken then I would get a Fanta, it pops back to neutral almost instantaneously. Also I tried using an ls-56 for mishima play, but found it very cumbersome. I had a hard time wave dashing with it, I didn’t really give it much time though.


A JLW with a circle gate may work, as it’s pretty close to a happ.


Fantas are loose and the rubber “spring” has a markedly different feel from a traditional metal spring.