Fantasy ramming

I am not looking forward to doing d hair. Wat a mess :sweat:.

Ooh I this’s amazing! I’m gonna crit this in a second. Good shit.

thats really nice, all your stuffs are very solid…

Thnx ^^. D expression on d Orc thing is kinda dull tho.

cool. but this thread title is VERY misleading.

Tell me about it. I was expecting a different kind of “ramming”

cool stuff man. The girl’s pose is dynamic, but the impact of the ramming isn’t conveyed enough on the orc’s end. Whether intended or not, it looks like he’s bracing himself to take the ramming. Two things I think would help illustrate the action better is make his head tilt down more, and open up the canvas to show his legs being swept off the ground.

not sure if i like those color choices, its way too saturated!!

I think this is a good start so far. I think his lats would spread out more if he were to put his arms forward like that. I think before you start rendering consider blocking everything in first with color, unless you were going to leave the bg blank.

Here is a paintover to help explain. Hope you don’t mind.

LOL. I’m an expert in misleading ppl.

I love ur version! Lol. I was thinking of making d orc’s anatomy diff frm a human’s thus all d weird bumps… bt ur’s look more dynamic! I havn’t tot of ur blocking method. I made the colors like dt so I cud change dem individually with ease. Yea, havta desaturate things abit now.

when i first saw the orc in red i thought you were going for kusaragedo from sam sho v. ^^ it also took me a few secs to realize it was a female. is it me or is the jaw line too hard to be a girl? other than that, great stuff man. keep it up.

i like it a lot so far, i def agree with desaturating the colors a little. but i also really like the difference in anatomy in the orc a lot! you did a nice job detailing it, i would just say exagerate it a little more in the pose so you can still tell he’s of a different anatomy but with added dynamics.

edit: i also agree that the lady’s jawline is a bit too chiseled for my liking… :slight_smile: girls are supposed to be softer in their structure.

Finished! Well, not reli. Wiv darts, u can jz keep going and going refining ur work bt there’ll come a time wen u get sick of d piece n jz say its done :p.

Bland_Wolf: I think i still need to work on her jawline… bt I highlighted her ‘eyes’ xtra round to compensate ^^.

sailboat: I made d orc green instead lol.