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Nov 2016:

This is now publicly announced and shown:
SRK news post:
Official website:

^ Their official site will have much more up to date news and information than this original post which I’ll leave below to make sense of this discussion thread :slight_smile:

I thought I’d start this thread as this game seems to be a bit under the radar for many people at this point and I think it’s well worth knowing about. I hope that’s cool in this bit of the forum.
Sep 2015 - ^ This page has just been posted with some basic information about the game (most of which I’ve repeated here though!)

Full disclosure: I became a patreon backer of the devs because I really liked the sound of this game, that’s also how I’ve been able to play on super-early pre-Alpha builds.

I thought it would be great for more people to know about this game even though it’s really early :slight_smile:

It’s only started development recently in mid-2015 so it’s incredibly early days yet so a lot of things might change over time. It’s intended to be a ‘simple to execute’ fighting game. So it only uses simple button or double-button presses plus directional inputs to do all of the moves. Note that graphics are all placeholders and unfinished so I’m not allowed to post any screens or videos until more of that gets finished as obviously it doesn’t look like much at all at the moment! (it’s better than the stickmen I was expecting tho, haha). Here’s the characters though:

Immediately you can compare it to Rising Thunder or Divekick in the general design space of making something easier to play than most fighting games, but still difficult to master.

Like everything else the control scheme is subject to change but currently has just 6 buttons so it’s incredibly nice to play on keyboard, joystick or any kind of controller you want to use:

Special 1
Special 2

Pressing away from your opponent blocks. There’s no dashing or crouching or up/down even.
Most buttons are modified by pressing Left or Right, so Jump changes from a neutral jump to an away/towards jump, Attack becomes a different ‘side’ attack when a direction is held too, and the effects of the Special buttons maybe modified depending on the character if a direction is held vs neutral Special.

Attack and Specials can also be performed mid-jump of course and this changes their effect from their ground versions.
Currently some moves can be ‘charged’ by holding and releasing a button too.
Throws are just a direction and Attack button when close (like SF2).

There’s a super meter which is gained by hitting your opponent with attacks whether they are blocked or actually land damage.
Super’s are executed by pressing Attack+Special together and like other moves have different effects in the air or on the ground.

Playing it currently feels a LOT like Street Fighter 2, with an even easier control scheme, but still all the emphasis on pokes, zoning and mindgames. There’s currently only two characters built though so it’s hard to tell how this might change as more different styles of play come into the game, but I really enjoy it even with just two characters already. Even with the simple moveset you can do some pretty diverse stuff, as the special moves are really well designed. For example one of the characters, Grave, has an air-hurricane kick style move as his air Special 1. Like in ST, this will follow the arc of the jump depending on when and where it’s pressed in the momentum of a jump so there’s a huge array of movement and attacking options, especially when he can also do his air attack which is a kind of Divekick-style divekick.

Fighting game skills really shine already. When I was playing against a much less experienced friend, and I was immediately winning the majority of matches due to the fact I had an edge with blocking, zoning, meter management, spacing, timing, combos, yomi etc. from my experience at other fighting games. But the important thing my friend liked was that he could immediately actually do all the moves! He commented when he was getting frustrated losing it was more with himself, rather than feeling like he was losing because he couldn’t get out a dragon punch or an Ultra or whatever which he feels a lot when he tries to play SF4 for example.

Combos are definitely possible and are actually really easy not long jabby-jab type of things found in most FGs these days - they really feel more like SF2, so Jump Attack, ground Attack, ground Special 1 is a combo that’s possible, however you need to land the jump attack deep enough to be able to combo into the ground attack, much like in many SF2 combos.

The health bar is currently actually 6 Hit Points. So rounds can go really fast - that 3 hit combo above is actually 50% of your health… but honestly it’s surprisingly impractical to even land that vs a good opponent. Some supers can do 2 hits of damage if they fully connect. Tick damage is handled by your current HP of health beginning to flash if you block moves a lot in a short space of time, and if you continue to block you will be hit anyway and lose that HP. If you don’t block moves for a while, the HP will bar will return to normal.

It definitely won’t be a game for everyone, especially if you really like all the complex inputs and combos of modern fighting games, but I think this will appeal to people who:

  1. Enjoy Divekick but want something that feels a bit more like a “normal” fighting game. This has health and fireballs, and blocking, throwing and all of that stuff, on top of a control scheme that is not that much more complex than Divekick. Oh it also still has divekicks though! :smiley:

  2. Like the idea of Rising Thunder but maybe some of it’s features aren’t to their taste, like the robot character designs, the cooldowns on specials, the online-only play, the 8-button layout which isn’t friendly to 6 button joysticks, forced grind (? probably?) to access loadout options, or it’s lengthy combo strings that require a lot of memorisation or 1P training mode time to learn what’s best to do.

  3. Would like to get into fighting games but want something really accessible to them and are put off by the amount of “uncontested” skills you need to practice first before you can really feel like you’re playing the real game, like motion commands and long combo strings. Fantasy Strike just seems like it will be so much fun to learn for newbies since you can literally just “learn-by-playing” almost everything in the game.

  4. Folks like me that love SF2 and are missing a fighting game that really focuses on the fundamentals I find much more fun than the hit-confirm long combo strings emphasis of almost all modern fighting games. (I got some hopes for SFV though too!)

I believe it will be following a similar sales model to Rising Thunder eventually with online play and be free-to-play, but I also know that no grinding will be required at all to unlock options.
The designer’s other online board games actually have amazing matchmaking and ranking & leaderboard systems so I fully expect that to be done really well here eventually too.

Extra information (links):
A New Era of Fighting Games article about it from the designer
Posts on my website related to Fantasy Strike

TL;DR - this game feels a bit like Divekick and SF2 had a baby - if that sounds like your kinda thing, then this is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

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Call me when it’s publicly playable.


An actual fighting game from Sirlin definitely has my interest, but too early along in development at this point for me to think much about it :slight_smile: The control scheme sounds a bit weird, but at least it’s not 8 buttons like Rising Thunder. I hope it will still play well on a joystick, even though it may be designed for people who would use a keyboard or gamepad, I’m sure there will still be a lot of fighting game folks who would want to try it out.


The art quality of the characters is good, but the character design kinda sucks. Mainly because there doesnt seem to be an overlying theme. It’s just like, “this character seems cool throw em in the roster”.

Also that tan little robot dude in the bottom left corner? Redesign him before Capcom slams a Cease and Desist up your ass for looking too much like Phobos/Huitzil from Darkstalkers


That’s cuz Fantasy Strike is set in a fictional universe and the fighters come from around the world, street fighter style. These guys are fromm all kinds of locations, hence the lack of a regional theme.

Fun card game, hope the fighter is good to.


Don’t worry, I’ve only ever played it on a joystick and it plays great for me on that. Already supports any sticks and pads that run on Windows and Mac.

The latest news is that a new button is being added, a 2nd special that for some characters will act like some kind of Dodge/Counterhit mechanic - I’ll update when I know more and get to try it out :smile:


Also yeah, after the whole Data East Fighters History thing, I can’t see any legal issues from Capcom. These characters have been around for years already from Sirlin’s other games too.

…Plus Phobos was a blatant reference to the robot from Laputa in the first place anyway… Bal-Bas-Beta is definitely a reference to that, and Phobos, and also Bal Bas Bow from Virtual On.

EDIT: Also, the actual in-game graphics are 3D.

Oh and yeah, this is “kind of” publicly playable already if you want to back the Patreon.


It most definitely does! And for those asking how it feels on a stick; it is designed to be very playable on keyboard. Not having up/down as positionals makes it very comfortable to play using like, AD and JKL or something. But I still love playing it on a stick and probably always will.


As someone who plays fighting games on keyboard, I wish people would stop saying these new easy games are designed to be played on keyboard.


Quite a lot of updates in the latest build of Fantasy Strike.

The biggest thing is that there is now an extra button, a new special move, so you’ve got Special 1 and Special 2. As before they both have different effects when done with a direction pressed vs neutral when grounded, or a different effect when in the air.

The Special 2 moves so far seem to be pretty crazy fun moves! One character has a KOF style dodge (can’t be hit, but can be thrown) into a counter attack and a “Control the Wind” move which has a similar effect to Rachel Alucard’s Silpheed Drive move from Blazblue, including a timer to add an extra limit on the use of it. Another character gets a dragon punch move - which, as it doesn’t require meter, is extremely powerful - but she actually takes a hit of health to use it, so she can at BEST trade for damage with it. It’s still a really useful tool though for positioning and lock downs, and when you have a life lead - and when she’s on her last HP of health she can do it essentially for free as it won’t kill her, so it has a built in comeback “last ditch move” style mechanic to it too currently.

Characters have 6HP now, and another major change is that there is now an interesting implementation of tick damage. If you block a move a few times your HP bar will start to flash and then you will actually take a hit if you continually block. If you don’t block an attack for a while though your HP bar will return to normal.

I’ll update the first post with the latest info too so as to not mislead anyone coming across this… there’s a new page with some of this basic info about the game too, along with a link if anyone wants to support it with funding:


I think that i am gonna throw some money at sirlin to get access to the alpha/beta.
I like the card game and i have been always interested on seeing how would translate into a fg.


Eww guard break.


Ehh, i think that every mechanic should be judged between the context of each game and not based only on the poor implementations by capcom other developers.


I agree, and I’m not saying it will be bad here, I just don’t really like that mechanic on principle that’s all. It can be used well (But not usually) but it always feels like a fluff mechanic to me. Best guard break mechanic has always been, imo, throws. That’s what they where implemented for in the first place, and I have yet to see a mechanic that works better for the job. Just wish they would stop fucking over throws so much.

Not gonna write the game off because it might have guard breaks or anything, Garou is one of my favorite fighters and it has them, it’s just not a mechanic I particularly like that’s all.


I always liked when a game has a wide array of characters that benefit from the universal mechanics on different ways, for example, you have characters with good throw range but they usually don’t benefit from the guard breaks the same way than other chars with less throw range but better way to keep pressure in order to net a guard break.


Guard break isn’t a substitution to throws, it’s an addendum. Not every character is designed with tick throws or command throws in mind and throwing isn’t in their main game plan. Sure, those characters can still throw if they choose to, but maybe some characters would rather bully you with pressure and force you into that situation instead. Some characters don’t have the strong normals or good offensive pressure to go for guard breaks, but they have great tick throw setups and great throws to put the fear of being thrown into you and try to get you to make mistakes. One doesn’t replace the other, it’s just a different means of designing and balancing characters.


Got any videos before I throw more money at Sirlin?


I always wondered how a tabletop fighting game would work. Overall the idea of Yomi just didn’t appeal to me.

I’m very intrigued to see this finally get adapted to an actual fighting game.


Guys - just to be clear there’s no guard break in Fantasy Strike. Sorry if I made it sound like there was - but it doesn’t work like that at all in this game, it’s just a replacement for “normal” tick damage since your life bar goes down in discreet HP chunks (you can see them on the bar currently even), and you can’t lose part of a chunk.

It was mainly added to make keep-away zoning more of a viable gameplan. Forces the opponent to actually work to avoid fireballs rather than just sit there and block all day. It’s more like, block 5 fireballs and you take a full HP worth of tick damage. It’s not like it opens you up to be combo’d or anything.

No videos allowed still Muttonman I’m afraid as the graphics are still really rough & posting screens and videos isn’t permitted until it’s got a lot more polish - but it’s been steadily improving particularly the animations each build that comes out.

The new release now has a grappler character. 2 damage throws, gains super meter while blocking, 3 damage super and has 8 HP.


this really difficult to follow. maybe i need visual demonstration