Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game


Hey guys, it’s me, the friendly neighbourhood Australian

I’m gonna be running a tournament for this game.
It will be a simple one day tournament. Single elimination, best of three, standard counterpick.
Streaming is pretty difficult due to lack of spectator mode, but I’m trying to work something out…
I won’t participate because Australian ping, and it’ll help me run it better.

Tentative date so far is 21st, afternoon for Americans, evening for EU boys, and early Sunday morning for easterners.

So you know, come along and make this game happen.

If you’re one of those people who believe this game has a low skill ceiling and is easily mastered, come prove it.
I look forward to seeing you all fight.

Here’s the main thread I’m using to discuss it:


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I’m sure many SF elitists would play NRS games for a living if they were good enough.


At this juncture it’s non point to discuss the main gimmick of the game. It’s done. It’s happening. Would be stifling if every thread of this game will be a debate about 1-button specials.


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I mean yes, that’s a given. People generally don’t have an issue with the NRS characters or anything; if the games were good enough they’d play them. They’re not, so they’re left to a fairly small portion of the community who enjoy them regardless.

Man, the lack of a standard mexican uppercut or otherwise normal anti-air button on most characters is still driving me batty.


Tournament thread is live.
If you’re interested, pop over to the thread and indicate your interest.

Hope to see you there!


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No, I meant if the elitists were good enough to play them for a living, they would. In other words, someone playing NRS games for a living doesn’t mean much.


A couple of nice updates from Sirlin talking about changes that are coming to future versions of FS:


I’ve been playing a bit with the Wild West build, and at least on macOS, there seem to be HUGE performance boosts since the previous build. Like, I went from “barely 60 fps with vsync off at lowest graphics playing offline” to “consistent 60 fps at medium graphics with vsync on, at a higher resolution.” Apparently these performance improvements are baked in to the update on the main Steam build now too?


I have an excellent computer and had terrible fps so I hope that’s the case.


Yeah, I think the optimization got much better, or maybe it’s the upgraded version of Unity they apparently used for this build? Either way, I can actually get near-consistent 60 fps on my wife’s mid-2013 MacBook Air for offline play at lowest graphics, which isn’t too shabby given that it runs on Intel HD 5000 graphics instead of dedicated graphics hardware.

In other extremely important news, it has come to my attention that Lum, the gambling panda to be added in the near future (you can see him in some SoCal Regionals footage in a not-quite-finished state), has a Winnie the Pooh color scheme. I fear it may be too strong.


Just one week out from the tournament. Don’t forget about it! Come prove yourself!


From the front-page news, in case forum dwellers don’t check there :slight_smile:


Another good spotlight video… DeGrey is so weird for me as he’s not like anything I’m used to from another FG - yeah I know he’s got a fair bit from Slayer but I never got into GG. So anyway, I learned a lot just from this spotlight, despite playing him plenty in FS so far. I think until Lum and Arg come along, he’s probably my favourite character to play.


And the newest spotlight video

Recent upgrades to the Early Access have been great, especially the perfomance improvements. That, alongside the already amazing netcode has enabled some amazing cross-contintental matches that are almost freakishly playable. Even the devs have seem shocked how lag free it can be.


I dont like whats happened to Argagarg though. he feels unfinished as a character compared to everyone else. Like the biggest issue I have is his gameplay only works on people who are either as fast as him (the mirror) or slower than him (Rook). Everyone else can bully him pretty hard if you cannot predict 3 seconds in advance because of how slow he is. Another problem i spoke to him about was the “text” issue about not fully explaining certain moves and effects (like Args Blue Fish not dealing damage and Midori’s parry needing to “hit” to gain the free throw) and his response about it supposed to be like Overwatch didnt really make much sense at all. And the fact that Ground Super for Rook is basically not a button despite the rest of the cast having repeatable 3-4 damage combos that hardly burn super makes little sense to me. I would have said more but i was basically “talked out” of the discord since i apparently dont know what im talking about cause im neither a mod nor someone who plays the game 24/7. take that what you will.


I wish they would remove the need for up and down directions in the UI. If the game itself doesn’t need them, then the menus shouldn’t either. I want to build a simplified controller for the game, and having to include inputs not used in actual gameplay is not ideal.


I feel you here. Argagarg is incredibly difficult to win with it feels like to me. I can’t say he’s bad or not as I’ve not played nearly enough, but yeh, super hard to play well with for sure. Early days for that kind of thing though as he is the newest and least finished character and could be the least balanced.
I suck with Dhalsim in almost every version of SF though too sooo… :wink:

I believe the idea is the in-game single page moves list just tells you the basics to get you started. I’ve seen other people complain it already gives TOO much info & is too confusing. So there’s a flipside to this & you can’t please everyone.
If you compare to SFV or most other FGs though, the in-game moves lists in FGs usually tell you absolutely nothing other than how to do the move and it’s name! So I reckon FS is already decent.
But the idea is to have more detailed information available elsewhere, not all on that one page screen… but admittedly they are working on those aspects of it, like how to get the character spotlight videos updated and into the game fully eventually. I’m sure they’d love to do godlike tutorials too if they had the budget/time though. just got some more updates too though with more detailed info about stuff.

Not sure what you’re meaning here?
Rook ground super can be incredibly good. It’s a devastating anti-air and punish for starters.

Well, I dunno what went on there, but I’m happy to chat to you :slight_smile: I don’t play it 24/7 either and I’m not a mod. I reckon if you make some good arguments and present them well you can always get them to listen to you, but obvs FS is very tight on budget right now so they can’t just do everything that everyone asks for. But I’ve had a few things changed or put in the game based on my comments before, even if they weren’t initially well received.

One of my main beefs for example in the past was being unable to avoid bad connections in Casual matchmaking online - however the netcode performance is now so ridiculously good it’s barely an issue anymore!


Latest character spotlight is up :slight_smile:


WOO! Fantasy Strike is coming to the Switch! Finally! Itll be on a system that can fully take advantage of the best aspects of the game! Ill totally be bringing this with me everywhere i go! Pick up games EVERYWHERE!


Yup it’s great news for Switch owners :slight_smile:

I already got pickup games everywhere on every FG on my laptop though, but it did cost a lot more than a Switch admittedly :sweat_smile: