Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game


Big big changes before the demo on Friday:
Game speed, throw button, online fixes, intro animations, balance, graphics updates.


"Walkspeed increased for all characters…"
"Except Midori"


So yomi counters are gone? I don’t understand the new throw system.


It’s a button. That’s the only change.


They’re still there. All that’s different is you throw with a button, and f/b throws beat neutral throws


Why? What’s the logic behind that?


It’s only on same frame clash and it’s to incentivize leaving neutral so you can’t yomi counter while preparing your throw. It’s a very small thing.


Whats the Yomi counter? Just a regular.counter with a special name or?


You don’t tech throws, you yomi counter them by doing nothing at all. Yomi counter is a counter attack.


Wait, you beat throws by doing nothing?



I wish you had throw shortcuts at this point.


Yup. The most accessible way this game came up with to counter throws.


What do you mean?


It’s pretty neat.

  1. it’s very easy to do
  2. the consequences of doing it at the wrong time are high (33% of your health, generally)


Nothing includes not blocking.


It’s honestly genius, probably the smartest thing to come out of the game


I would imagine it was done to prevent people from doing auto-pilot shit to counter throws. It wouldn’t make sense to call it a yomi counter if you could do it with an option select.


There’s also the immense satisfaction of landing a yomi counter


I couldn’t agree more, there is nothing quite like closing a game out with a yomi counter because your controller disconnected.


Throw button huh? so he finally caved on it. Im sure all the more footsie oriented people are happy about the change.