Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game


I can see that being the case since Sirlin has a hatred for option selects.


Being able to use A+B or A+S for throws for instance


I admit I just plug in a dualshock for this so I wish I could turn off the super shortcut, but I getcha if you’re on stick


I played for hours tonight with a friend, this game is something special. Sirlin if you are listening, throw button is fantastic and solve pretty much the only issue we had with the game. Controller support was also very much appreciated!


I have some thoughts about this game I will post soon.


I’ll keep it short and sweet. So I’ve been playing this game all weekend and I racked up quite a bit of online matches in the process. I’ll say that I definitely see Sirlin’s overall direction and goal for the game. I had a lot of fun with it, but I can’t help but feel as though this game may not be to fun for some. Who do I mean by “some”? I mean the ones who will grind very specific things in training mode for hours on end or play a matchup so many times to learn it that we never want to see that matchup ever again. Is that ease of accessibility a bad thing? Absolutely not, however, when there’s not much to sink your teeth into, it can also backfire. It depends on the kind of player you are and what you want out of your fighting game. IIRC, Sirlin’s philosophy with HDR was that ST can be frustrating game because the execution barrier alone kept people at bay and that wasn’t even considering the ocean’s worth of depth that came after that obstacle course i.e matchup specific knowledge, combos, footsies, spacing, etc. So to break down that barrier and attract people in, he made a lot of the game accessible so that people could actually get a chance to experience ST for what it was worth. I respect that idea however after playing Fantasy Strike, I felt that I wanted more.

Sirlin is right in the sense that on the fighting game spectrum, you have Divekick on one far end and everything else on the other. There is no middle ground game to balance the two out. Fantasy Strike makes a decent effort but all it does for me as a fighting game fan is want it to be more. And to me, that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s a result of the game still being in Alpha? I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out for the next free weekend to give it another go. I’ll say that I was surprised by how much of the game I ended up playing.


well, let’s play tha game and make it succesful for starters. after that, who says there can’t be a fantasy strike super turbo, or a fantasy strike zero/alpha to address people that wants more?


See I dont understand what people mean by this. The problem with fighting games NOW is the complete focus on grind and less on tactics and mindgames and the actual “fighting”. more often than not EVERYTHING is focused on flash and “breadth”, but not actual “depth”. I mean look at 3D fighters with their long ass move lists that dont mean anything because only 10 moves and a few combos are worth using because they give off the most frame advantage and dont leave you open if you fail them. Everything else is a “noob trap” or something throw away thats just there for show. This old idea of discovery isnt actual “depth”, its merely learning the rules of the game itself because the designers are bad and dont want to spend the actual time to tell you “yeah, that doesnt work. This is how you actually need to be playing the character.” Now on the other end of the spectrum, you dont want something like SFV where the game only lets you play a character ONE WAY and nothing else. Not letting you develop a style with a character you main. There needs to be just enough wiggle room to account for both real world tournament tactics and the ability to still play your own way. Its why i like this kind of game. It just simply cuts through all the bullshit and gets you right in the thick of it. Every fight and every action making sense in some way (with the occasional Dragon Install bullshit air throw thrown in at times). You only go to the practice mode to simply understand what your character does and then get right back in there. No need for unnecessary combo bs or flashy crap. Just straight fighting.

I get that people like flash and have gotten used to fighting games having stupid BS in there and unnecessary design bloat or things that cloud. watching Max and his friends play it and not “get it” proved that much to me. So i get that some people who dont like FS because of that. I just want better than that though…



Every one of these character videos has taught me something I didn’t know. They are insanely informative.

I adore Fantasy Strike. I’ve never had such deep matches anywhere near so quickly as I have here. I’m really bummed out that it doesn’t look like it’s going to meet it’s Fig goal. I really hope they find a way to finish it, because I really believe this game is important.


As a casual who’s intimidated by most fighting games, this game has my full attention.


If I were the devs, I would’ve let everyone play until the crowfunding deadline of the 25th. They’re so far behind, they need all the attention they can get.


I like the game, but important? Hell nah.

That said, they really should have done a mix of S1 and S2 characters, because having half the game be zoners and a further quarter be grapplers is death for new players. That and the latter characters are just more interesting than Not-Ryu, Not-Sagat, Not-Zangief, Not-Slayer, and Not-Guile. I mean, at least he gave Not-Honda a unique playstyle to the point where it makes his moves feel like more of a reference than a ripoff.


Considering how much time and money has already been put into the game, I really doubt they will give up on it if they don’t reach their fig goal. Steam Early Access would be an option too.


Being honest here. the only way to save this game is for it to follow the KI business model. Free to play get a random one or two characters a week while you can can pay between $5 to $8 for a character or pay a fixed amount for everyone. This game is so different from the typical fighters that it needs to be played by as many people as possible to find its audience because its pretty easy to see it draws attention to a certain kind of player unlike other fighters that try (and usually fail) to cater to everyone. As I have said before, this game is the sequel to ST and needs to be treated as if Alpha and the rest never existed. I really dont know how else to put it.


Stop saying this is the sequel to ST, it’s not. Knock it off.


This game feels nothing like ST.


This game feels a lot like HDR, which feels a lot like ST. So just a step removed


so it being about tactics and simple damaging combos is NOTHING like ST? is THIS what you are telling me? cause im not seeing how I am wrong here unless youre best argument is “ST uses motions. Theres no motions in this game.” which doesnt actually change my argument in any way despite people wanting to tell me otherwise.


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Your entire argument was based around that ST had no gimmicks (Even though it did, in fact, have multiple) despite nothing else being the same. The walk speeds are radically different, there are more attacks per character in ST, . Yes, at first glance they look the same, but they arent as similar as you make them out to be. I also dont understand why you demonize supposed gimmicks. Yomi counter could arguably be considered a mechanic that you otherwise hate, turning a throw tech into 1 or 2 pips of damage. Also, ST DID have gimmicks. Damage and stun was variable so a combo could cause stun and lead to a TOD or just not stun at all. All in all your argument relies on the fact that you cant overcome the new mechanics. Yes, Ultras were dumb. But, does that mean that IV somehow is less focused on fundamentals than ST or fantasy strike? No. I’m not even sure you that you know what fundamentals means, it seems like you just throw generic “skill” terms around despite them not making sense in the situation.