Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game


Any way I started with smash tournaments. I have no problem appreciating depth in a game with one button moves. I also see that you can promote such a game without implying that other fighting games are poorly made and insulting their fans.

Fantasy strike isn’t just “SF but simpler”, it’s a different kind of game that is just inspired by SF. Its promotion should be based on its own merits not based comparisons to SF.


Do note that Fantasy Strike fully acknowledges that one button DP is too good. They all have various drawbacks, Jaina loses life or is a super (with long startup), Grave has one on super and the other with 30f startup. Geiger has flash kick.

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Losing life just to do a move is extremely telling.


DPs used to require 623 because it took longer from a block and meant you had to give up a low block to mash it out in blockstrings. Now that you can ride the lower gate or blockstrings into lows aren’t really a thing it’s a bit of a hold over in modern SF, but the “make it tougher to use on reaction” but is still present


The original, real reason for the motion? That is was hard as shit. SRKs and fireballs were secret things in the original Street Fighter, and hilariously hard to execute compared to SF2.

Now, the moves obviously have gameplay implications - trying to DP leaves you open to strikes and so on. But the real thing: Preparation, mental load. You can DP when you’re prepared and then it’s a quick, authoritative move, eg. when expecting a jump or on wakeup. But the awkward motion makes it hard to DP stuff that you didn’t expect on reaction - quarter and half circles are way easier in that regard. Jerky motions like dp, hcb~f and SNK lunacy are a form of scalable cost to the move that’s really hard to simulate with hard properties.


Lol dps and 360s feel like rng? Wtf am I even reading?


Good execution = rng seems logical. It’s like when you have good form when you fire a rifle, if you hit the target more often it’s just rng.


Skills in games are often represented by chance to succeed. Motions in fighting games work remarkably close to this, the better you get, the higher your chance of executing the move when you need it. Apply modifiers to especially stressfull situations. The better you are, the better the chance of success (all the way up to pros who drop, what, one command in a thousand? Less?) but it’s still perfectly matches a model based on rng.


That would apply to all skills then and would therefore not mean anything of importance.


No. Skills in real life do not work like this. Inputs in games are an exception.


Is always nice to see the kind of nonsense that the input challenged come up with to try to justify their stupidity :rofl:


Ulrik doesn’t know what the word random means.


How does that match something based on RNG? The whole point of RNG is it’s random, which means nothing the user does affects the outcome. RNG is the opposite of skill.


This topic went retarded places alright


its “random” because even if you did the motion correctly, it doesnt necessarily mean the game registered it as such. I mean COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE!! Theres a reason every street fighter iteration Capcom adds easier input recognition or just outright changes or throws away the motion. Am I literally the ONLY ONE who sees that? and then people whine about THAT or how it fucks with the ability to do other, simpler, motions.

and then problem with the thread happened when i wanted to talk about different designs and then a few people who acted like they knew better just wanted to troll and not discuss anything because of course they dont.


I don’t think that’s ever been the case. There’s the issue if the random input buffer making it easier in SF2 but if you’re doing it properly it will always come out.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but this sounds like a scrubquote


im not even talking about SF2. im talking about the newer games. I dont think theyve ever messed with the input window in SF2 in any of its editions.


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