Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game


I like big reversal windows, but that’s because I see reversals as a core elemental of fighting game design; getting one off should not be difficult. I actually like how SFV left them in a counterhit state as it made for real risk, especially because you could not make them safe. I think that if you’re going to have “hard to execute” it needs to be very finely tuned; something like YRC Oki where it’s basically just a no reversal button or certain crossup setups where you’re actively giving up great Oki because you have a good read on the reversal


Steam Early Access trailer:

Gets some GREAT points across.


ah yes, the traditionally accepted fundamentals of fighting games: spacing, reaction, and dragon!!!.


Nice! APPARENTLY the build at SoCal Regionals has Lum playable, which suggests that we may well see our Blankafaust panda in the October update to the game :open_mouth:


This game gets pretty hype! I wasn’t there, but apparently Forever King used Jaina’s DP like it DIDN’T cost 1 HP every time, to a completely insane extent that even the devs couldn’t believe


I don’t see this game having much life to it.

It’s another one of those “easy execution” fighters. I played it for the free weekend it was out and it didn’t make me want to come back to it after the weekend was done. I got bored of it quite quickly. I imagine lots of others feel the same way. It practically borders on being a Mario Party minigame since there’s so little to it. I didn’t feel compelled to keep playing - I think the skill ceiling will be reached very quickly with this game and everyone is going to plateau within two weeks at most.

I just don’t understand what the market for this game is. People who are interested in fighting games but at the same time can’t even do a fireball motion that’s ubiquitous across all fighters? Give me a break. This game is trying to cure an illness by killing the patient. And I don’t get why they need more money for it. The game already achieves what they want it to do. What exactly is another few hundred thousand going to accomplish? It’s long in the tooth.


So… what’s the goal of posting something like that, anyway? Would you like a trophy because you’ve decided not to play? When’s the last time you saw the internet drop to their knees in admiration of someone for saying “hey this thing that someone is trying to do is bad, and I’m cool, because I don’t like it”? It mostly sounds like maybe things are kind of rough for you and you’re trying to find something to take out your bad feelings on.

More to the point, though, I’ve at least been playing this game for a long time (Patreon, yo) and after netplay started working, I can definitely say that I consistently beat some players and consistently lose to others, and if there’s one thing that suggests that it’s got competitive legs, it’s the fact that certain people tend to win pretty consistently.

Personally, I like it because it feels like the most SF2 game since SF2, and I can play it with friends who play non-SF fighting games without one of us being at a major disadvantage, because the system is straightforward and quick to learn. Shrug. (I can play it with friends who don’t play fighting games, too — I still usually win, but it’s at least a lot less frustrating for them because they don’t have to go through the video game equivalent of learning how to use the DOS prompt just to do a basic thing, and they can play the game.)

It’s cool if you like another game better! You can play that game, and enjoy it. I promise I won’t go out of my way to come over to wherever you are, enjoying the thing you’re enjoying, and basically just do a jerk thing in public!

If you’d like, though, you can hop on the Steam version (if you play for less than two hours or so, you can get a refund, too) and hit up the Discord chat if you’d like to find some matches and show off how just quickly you reached the skill ceiling against folks who have been playing for a while now. I’m sure that there’d be a few folks who’d love to see. ; )


I’m having fun with the game, can’t wait until tournaments come up for this! The online is so good, it should be great to play tournaments online too ^^


I know, right? They’ve said in Discord that spectator mode is the next thing on their roadmap, but they’re running pretty short on money to pay programmers so they haven’t had a chance to get that in yet. Once that’s in there, though, yeah, online tournaments would be awesome!


I’m an experienced FS player and experienced FG player, and yet I meet people online at Fantasy Strike who would likely 50-0 me still.

There’s no chance you’ve met the skill ceiling in a couple of days or weeks. Try playing vs someone like Aphotix or Heikai and you’ll see what I mean!


Guys I’ve mastered chess because when I want to move a piece it actually goes where I try to put it every time. I’ve definitely hit the skill ceiling for this game.


i can’t decide if rook is op or just a scrub killer


Too bad chess has a million times more choices to make. Checkers would be a better analogy for this minigame.


Scrub Killer in that hes super slow and forced to use his high health pretty much as a resource to get in. faster characters with good mix-ups like Setsuki and Valerie can wreck him if they can find an opening. Or they can play Dragon Honda, which back in the beta weekend could damage much more safely than him.


Remarkably, one of the best Rook players (I’ve never beaten him) insists that at high levels of play, Rook is probably the worst character.

On the other hand, if he gets in close it’s basically over, especially if the opponent doesn’t know you can hold jump to escape from command throws.


I think you missed the point. I wasn’t saying this game is equivalent to chess.


To get my two cents across…? I don’t know what grade you’re in, but once you pass elementary school, it’s kind of accepted that not everyone is going to share your opinions on everything ever.

I provided feedback on why the game doesn’t appeal to me, and most fighting game players seem to be in my boat. If and when this game does fail, opinions like mine will help them figure out why.

You say that “certain types of people” win consistently with the game. That doesn’t prove anything about the game’s “competitive legs”. Certain types of people know how to win Tic-Tac-Toe all the time, that doesn’t mean the game has competitive legs. As someone who won consistently with this game (I played Rook), I can safely say this game doesn’t have a lot going for it. Even if you’re some kind of autist savant who doesn’t get bored of it quickly, you will certainly plateau once you reach the game’s low skill ceiling.

I take it from this you don’t actually know how to play the game very well. “Jump to escape command throws” is the most basic rule of grappler combat and here you’re posting this idea like it’s undiscovered tech.



Look, we can argue about execution all we want. I would boil it down even more. Hype.

Is this game hype? Are the characters hype? Are the set-ups, combos, or anything about the gameplay hype? Because at the core of things, that’s what the FGC is about. EBO moment 37 may be overrated and overexposed, but that’s what this fighting game shit is about at its core. Cool shit you can get hype about. Now, to me this game is just a little too dull. Like, I’m all for an easy fighting game, because I’m shit and my execution is even worse. But you still need hype. Rising Thunder was still hype, because it had some cool designs, some stylish combos, and a nice flow to gameplay. This game just feels too slow for me. Nevermind easy execution. Nevermind auto-teching throws. Is it hype? Because honestly the game is slow. And it has kind of a shit art style. And since it goes “well, guesses are guesses” and went for the weird health mechanic there’s not much to look at visually.

I just feel like this is a game that’s doing all the wrong things for the right reasons. At its core, the game is doing everything right. It’s making the meat of a fighting game accessible to a casual audience. It’s more about reads and playing smart than execution. Unfortunately, it’s ignoring what a lot of us got into the FGC for in the first place. Hype. Like, I truly appreciate what this game is doing, but it just comes off as a game that ironically appeals more to hardcore fighting game fans than casuals. I am a shit scrub, but I’m a shit scrub who knows the basics of how mix-ups, 50/50s and footsies work, even if I suck at actually using them. So I can appreciate making that shit accessible to players who can’t do the shit J Wong, Infiltration or FChamp does. But to a casual viewer, it just looks like a slow-ass game with a weird art style, because they don’t know about all that shit.

For a comparison, I’m the most casual of FPS players. I occasionally play Overwatch. Now, sure, that game is easier than CS or some shit like that. But it also has a striking visual style and some depth to it. I’m not playing it just because it’s easy. I mean, yeah, the fact I don’t get blown the fuck out because aiming takes 200 hours of practice helps, but in the end I still lose way more than I win. I’m playing it because it’s accessible while it has a nice, appealing art style while still feeling like it has room to grow and some hype moments. Like, I see some Play of the Games and I flip the fuck out because this nigga got five headshots after using his ultimate in a creative way. Blizzard just didn’t make the game slower and make players unable to do half the shit you can do in other FPS games. It looks to be just as fast as CS or CoD (at least to me) even if it actually is easier. Sure, they’ve probably made a lot of shit easier and a lot of FPS purists probably flip their shit at this post, but to me as a casual “a couple of hours a month” player it’s a really good package.

And that’s where this game fails. Being easy to pick up is just not enough. You need hype.


If you don’t think the game has hype, you haven’t witnessed Yomi counters in action. Especially when you’re on your last hit and correctly gamble on a throw attempt, straight-up winning a round on basically a mic drop.

THAT is hype.