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I dont like whats happened to Argagarg though. he feels unfinished as a character compared to everyone else. Like the biggest issue I have is his gameplay only works on people who are either as fast as him (the mirror) or slower than him (Rook). Everyone else can bully him pretty hard if you cannot predict 3 seconds in advance because of how slow he is. Another problem i spoke to him about was the “text” issue about not fully explaining certain moves and effects (like Args Blue Fish not dealing damage and Midori’s parry needing to “hit” to gain the free throw) and his response about it supposed to be like Overwatch didnt really make much sense at all. And the fact that Ground Super for Rook is basically not a button despite the rest of the cast having repeatable 3-4 damage combos that hardly burn super makes little sense to me. I would have said more but i was basically “talked out” of the discord since i apparently dont know what im talking about cause im neither a mod nor someone who plays the game 24/7. take that what you will.


I wish they would remove the need for up and down directions in the UI. If the game itself doesn’t need them, then the menus shouldn’t either. I want to build a simplified controller for the game, and having to include inputs not used in actual gameplay is not ideal.


I feel you here. Argagarg is incredibly difficult to win with it feels like to me. I can’t say he’s bad or not as I’ve not played nearly enough, but yeh, super hard to play well with for sure. Early days for that kind of thing though as he is the newest and least finished character and could be the least balanced.
I suck with Dhalsim in almost every version of SF though too sooo… :wink:

I believe the idea is the in-game single page moves list just tells you the basics to get you started. I’ve seen other people complain it already gives TOO much info & is too confusing. So there’s a flipside to this & you can’t please everyone.
If you compare to SFV or most other FGs though, the in-game moves lists in FGs usually tell you absolutely nothing other than how to do the move and it’s name! So I reckon FS is already decent.
But the idea is to have more detailed information available elsewhere, not all on that one page screen… but admittedly they are working on those aspects of it, like how to get the character spotlight videos updated and into the game fully eventually. I’m sure they’d love to do godlike tutorials too if they had the budget/time though. just got some more updates too though with more detailed info about stuff.

Not sure what you’re meaning here?
Rook ground super can be incredibly good. It’s a devastating anti-air and punish for starters.

Well, I dunno what went on there, but I’m happy to chat to you :slight_smile: I don’t play it 24/7 either and I’m not a mod. I reckon if you make some good arguments and present them well you can always get them to listen to you, but obvs FS is very tight on budget right now so they can’t just do everything that everyone asks for. But I’ve had a few things changed or put in the game based on my comments before, even if they weren’t initially well received.

One of my main beefs for example in the past was being unable to avoid bad connections in Casual matchmaking online - however the netcode performance is now so ridiculously good it’s barely an issue anymore!


Latest character spotlight is up :slight_smile:


WOO! Fantasy Strike is coming to the Switch! Finally! Itll be on a system that can fully take advantage of the best aspects of the game! Ill totally be bringing this with me everywhere i go! Pick up games EVERYWHERE!


Yup it’s great news for Switch owners :slight_smile:

I already got pickup games everywhere on every FG on my laptop though, but it did cost a lot more than a Switch admittedly :sweat_smile:


Huge new update to Fantasy Strike this month:

Including: really good story art for arcade mode like this:

Spectating matches and massive matchmaking improvements. I’m so happy with this update :smiley:


This is on summer sale for 50% off… $9,99. Worth it or…?


I mean, depends what you’re after and how much money you have! It is still early access of course and they are still updating every month. I highly recommend it though and think it’s a ridiculous bargain at that price.

There’s an online tournament coming up btw:
Sat 7th July 7pm-ish GMT


Yeah im probably going to stay away since Rook is so bad and everyone is okay with him being bad. I dont like the fact that everyone else has so many outs to him can so easily beat him and he has to work so hard for so little, its just not fun. and hes the only character i like in the game. Sorry that i like grapplers, but the game isnt fun if he cant at least compete with everyone else.


ya what now? I get beaten by good Rooks all the time in just about any matchup.

His playstyle is similar to Zangief in SF2, he has to work very hard (sometimes) to get in and get an opportunity, but once he does, he can instantly win any round off one knockdown. He’s completely NOT my style of character at all, but he’s still very viable and is a fair representation of the archetype.

There’s also Midori as well if you like grapplers.


As long as other characters can easily 3-4 pip him without needing to give up anything, he will ALWAYS be bad. I dont care what anyone says, he works TOO HARD for so little compared to everyone else. High tier players who play him do not prove anything to me. If its so people can enjoy their dreams of big combos, whatever. All I want is matches with him to feel more “even” and not just a blow out one way or another. Clearly I am wrong for wanting or asking for buffs that may or may not have existed before (people say his clap was better at one time but i never saw it). Clearly how I feel about him is wrong, because “better players” say hes “fine”. they can enjoy the game, I will play something else.


FChamp has been loving the design of Argagarg, see why here:

Subforum Request: Fantasy Strike

cool, another epic polarity shitpost.

Fantasy Strike - A New Fighting Game by David Sirlin

Is there a secret Akuma-type character known only as “the Hater?”


Hello! I was curious what the process was for getting a Fantasy Strike subforum created here on SRK. Are there any mods here that can assist me with this? Is this even the right place to ask?



very unlikely that you get a sub for it but you can ask @Preppy .

in the meantime feel free to join the discussion in the thread


Why is it unlikely? It’s a fighting game, lol

Anyway, sure, I will ask. Thanks for the tip!


The game isn’t popular enough to justify it. If a series like Dead or Alive can’t get a subforum then Fantasy Strike definitely won’t


Subforums are generally created when there’s so much player-created discussion of the game’s different facets that it’s hard to contain all the knowledge in one place or a couple threads. I haven’t really seen that happen here yet.