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FS Online Tournaments update! :slight_smile:

OPnoobs ( just ran their 2nd online FS tournament. Currently only in their twitch archive but hopefully it will be up on youtube too soon. I recorded and edited my matches here:

I’m hoping to want to do an analysis video soon too :smile:

There is another online tournament soon - Sat Oct 6th, signups already open:

And here’s a great article about how to improve at FS and at FGs in general, with interviews with 2 of the top current FS players and Sirlin himself:


Sweet jeepers, the October update has a COMPLETELY INSANE new feature: hitsparks that show frame advantage or disadvantage, calculated in real time, for every hit. The examples shown on the writeup include projectiles being blocked from different distances, to demonstrate that the game actually takes everything into account in real time.

Also now there’s ranked mode, which uses a tournament structure similar to the cool thing vanilla SF4 had in the Championship Mode update (which they then ABANDONED FOREVER???), but honestly I think the hitsparks thing is a way bigger deal overall.


That would be awesome in training mode but I’m a little skeptical about it being in the game.


Eh. Seems non-obstructive as a visual. And remember this game is a stealth primer on 2D fighting games. It’s Training Mode: The Game.


Its not really the first game to let you know about if you’re safe or not is it? Maybe the way they are doing it is new, but I feel like I’ve played games that let you know this info somehow. Only close thing that immediately came to mind was Pocket Rumble with its meter to show recovery for both players. I suppose that doesn’t tell you if you’re safe or not as it requires you to look at both meters.

Anyone know if there are other games that did this? How much of this feature has truly never been done?


I think we can safely defer to Sirlin that it’s not been presented like this before in-game. You’re not even sure of your own contention there.


Yeah, I’ve played with the new feature for a couple hours and I can safely say:

  1. This is new stuff. The closest anyone has come has been training mode features, but…

  2. It’s done subtly enough that it can easily be ignored if you don’t care.

It’s not as though learning frame data and learning to recognize frame traps is some arcane, unknowable black magic, but this lets even fairly new players “see the Matrix” if they pay attention.

Although in practice, I still get caught by frame traps. ^^; Frame traps are generally tight enough that you can’t really fully react to the frame data hitsparks while playing, so much as just subconsciously notice the color as you do whatever reaction it was that you were going to do anyway, and then go OH NO WHY DID I DO THAT a moment later after your brain gets around to processing what just happened.


Yep I’ve found using the frame data sparks in real-time isn’t especially effective… BUT, it’s really a nice learning tool for figuring out what you did wrong (or right) much more quickly without having to back out and lab things afterwards.

So it’s more like, you still get hit by a frame trap, but then you noticed the spark at the time, so you know for SURE if it was a legit frame trap, rather than wondering if you just were slow or pressing the wrong thing or whatever.
It also makes it more fun to play vs the AI for me, as I can ‘learn’ frame data as well whilst playing the CPU.


It never promised you’d never get hit by frame traps and such. It’s a transparency tool, not an offensive or defensive mechanic.


Sirlin getting burned after claiming that Fantasy Strike only has 1 frame of input lag.

Sirlin has some good ideas, but he sure does run his mouth in ways that make him look like an idiot.


This game looks good, and on the website it says rollback method is used for online play, but I guess people aren’t feeling it?


The online play is frankly incredible. The netcode is somehow unbelievably good, best FG netcode I’ve ever played on!


Played some more FS last night. The last few updates have been pretty good.


When looking at Sirlin’s web site, I was reminded that SRK did a short interview with Sirlin at the beginning of this year about the subject of loot boxes in Fantasy Strike. (Sirlin hardly ever posts updates to his site, so it wasn’t like it was hidden or anything.) Sirlin was very pro-loot box, and particularly heaped praise on Overwatch’s loot box system.

I was wondering, did anyone ever follow-up on this interview after various commissions started ruling that Overwatch’s loot box system violated their countries’ gambling laws? And we got a few more studies directly denouncing loot boxes for their intentional psychological manipulation and potential harm? (Or even to ask Sirlin, with his praise for Overwatch, how he felt about how Blizzard had fought to keep Overwatch’s odds hidden.)


Well the commissions are wrong so he has nothing to follow up on.