FAO 'The one known as Dasrik'- Migg's old messaging board


Hi, first of all as always, if this is in an inappropriate forum, mods please be kind enough to move.

This thread is principally for the SRK users who used to post on a forum which I belive (could be wrong) was called ‘Migg’s’. It was originally the messaging board of a MSF fan site, but the board lived long afterwards. This was a good 10-11 years ago.

Posters I recall on there: Dasrik (then using the handle of ‘The One Known as Dasrik’), Viscant, Image, Floe, Tragic, Eric J, Spider Dan, Fluffy, Bruton (boom Australian guy who was always very constructive/informative), and myself. (using the same handle as here).

The reason the thread is directed towards Dasrik is that after Migg’s site died, Dasrik took the board and hosted it somewhere else, and we continued on. I was reminiscing recently about that old-new (confused yet) board, and if Dasrik happened to store it/save the posts.

I remember on Japanese launch day of MVC2, I bought the DC and import of the game, and posted my thoughts and predictions in there. I would love to see now what I thought of Marvel 8+ years ago, and of course to look back on all the posts that you guys made that helped me improve as a player. Thank you.

I’n not going to be a fagg and say "only post hear if u iz OG Migg’s! or anything like that, thread is as always open to everyone. But I would humbly ask that the old Migg’s posters make a contribution please.

discussions I remember going on for a LONG time and being very, very high grade:

‘is double Chun in MVC1 viable’?

‘Who is higher up in the list in MSF, Dan or Hulk’?

‘What will happen in MVC2’ + lots and lots of discussion as to character selection as they were unveiled (i.e Anakaris?? wtf!)
lots of the aforementioned players guessing correctly that the full character list would be an anthology of all Capcom Marvel characters, +1 easter egg (turned out be Kobun)

and probably the longest one of all was Bruton asserting that Megaman w/charge on his FP-> guaranteed duo, or Eternal Slumber (tag out to Morrigan, ES hits through block stun) was a viable top tournament team… V.S. pretty much everyone else mentioned above.

For the SRK users on here who also use NE, this thread is not designed to create friction or give me ammo for arms at NE! This is a serious, non-troll, non-bait, non-wind up thread.

Thank you.


I don’t recall ever posting to that board, but I do remember those days. I just got into the scene back then and I lurked on that board. As you pointed out, lots of top players posted there with some useful knowledge flowing, which was great at the time. It would be pretty sweet to revisit those threads today. Arturo used to post there too and he was the only one really known from the east coast at the time on that board IIRC. Damn, that was about 10 years ago now that I think about it. Crazyness. :rofl:



Another awesome post I remember was Image saying so you reckon you’ve seen everything in MVC1?? Then going on some next level combos and mechancis like Chun li infinite uncombo.

Also this was the first place gaurd break was posted about publicly. The example given was

w/spiderman in MVC1:

Kill first opponent. as scond comes in, do meaty web throw. As they come down. st.RH. It was tagged with something witty like ‘so there’s no such thing as a free launch’?

There was no STSFN crap there either, on the whole. guard break was not an MVC2 discovery by Seattle, it was found in MVC1- or maybe even before?

Did Arturo post as Sabin back then? Or was it just Arturo?


I posted on that forum, 100% sure of it. Talked to Dasrik about it a few nights ago when we ran into eachother on IRC.


sweet, I thought I remembered you and Josh from there, but didn’t want to say as I know SRK well enough to know what happens if there is the slightest inaccuracy in a thread like this!

what do you think the chances are that Dasrik did a Crayfish and saved the lot?

I remember predicting day one that Storm would be the no. 1 character in the game…

Oh and who can forget Dasrik’s ‘Gammani’ team! :smiley:


I hadn’t met Josh at that time, actually. Not sure if he was on there. I accurately predicted and 'shopped the entire roster before anyone else on the site, I do remember that. And the moment Sentinel was confirmed, I told you all he would be #1. I have a good bullshit detector.


Wow, Electrifying One, how you forget I posted to that board? I used to post there religously. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: posted on GPOW/Migs as Sabin


I remember how Silver Sage used to tout that Shadow’s Final Mission was unblockable in MvsSF. lol.
How he had Final Mission tactic that hit every single time. Man, I was scrubby back then for believing that garbage.


Did you guys all forget about the epic theory fighter wars that were Joe Zaza vs. Spider-Dan?

Anyway, unfortunately I no longer have any of the material from the old boards. Since I had that board, I’ve gone through several computers and three hard drive crashes, and the company that owned the guestbook website was bought out to hell and back so many times I don’t even think it exists anymore. But those were good times. I remember making all the icons using Microsoft Paint on Windows '98 and tinkering with the HTML formatting and all. Zaza helped a bit with the design, although it was mostly me (and he’ll admit to that, too).

Those were different times. I won’t say better, although the nostalgic part of me wants to say they were. Shoryuken.com has done a lot to bring a scene that was previously fairly divided together, and you can’t deny that that’s a major accomplishment. But the boards here have a bit of a case of information overload that can be overwhelming to the newbie. The Migs’ board and mine were just a straight up BBS… no threads, no incessant meme quotes, just discussion 24/7.

Good times.


GPOW! Thats the name I couldnt remember! What did it stand for again… god that was so long ago!


^^ Gouki’s Page of Whatever. I used to surf that place religiously. :rofl:


Jesus we are old… i wish i had a 2000 account here, instead i put off joining for a year for no reason at all.


Oh wow…now THAT is a name I haven’t heard of in ages! :wgrin:

Of course, the site is long gone, but it’s fun to use things like archive.org in order to re-live those old days.

That’s all I can recommend if you want to try a throw-back. Go to archive.org and see if there’s anything that can be pulled up.


I used to troll on there and remember Irish, Slym Summers and the like who impersonated the Rock with an orange Hulk avatar.

I remember the epic theory fighter between something retarded like Cyclops vs. M.Bison (dictator) or Goku with DBs vs. Thanos with IG.

P.S. Don’t forget about “The Icy Rose?” :rofl:


Migs…Rustia? that page was cool with the MSH pix of specials and infinity moves, i remember goin on GPOW not a forum member at the time just visiting various parts of the site, and Darklancer’s page as well


Same here, I loved that site.

This makes me think of how bad I was (though I’m still bad/retired) at fighting games back then. I thought the strategies people would post were so ridiculous… until I faced real competition.

I remember Sabin from Migg’s, more so than this site.


Arturo… I dunno man, maybe selective memory! I am an unashamed Eddie Lee fan boy, so maybe I was bitterly jealous that you got to be trained by him, but I just get called a turtle/run away/can’t play cock here in the UK!

Thanks for everything Dasrik. Having DWM/Shadow Lady etc etc Avs on there was too good.

Who was the guy that kept saying MSF cyclops was viable, then would piggyback on any argument that ever occured which consisted of anyone that had even vaguely suggested that Cyclops was even close to OK on that game.

Oh and have we reached a conclusion yet…

Is Dan better than Hulk in MSF :smiley:

EDIT: whoever can track down BRUTON online wins a prize! (real, not e-cookie)


for MVC2

Higher Jin (then known as Jin Master) was a MASSIVE contributor. He set up a ‘cheeze blog’ exposing all the broken strats (i.e Anakaris can win many matches just with coffins). Was also posting awesome stuff all through MSF/MVC1 era!

Didn’t Warganics post on there too? That’s another site that would be too good if someone cached it. I know Preppy has pretty much everything a human could ever imagine in MVC2, but Warganics site was still the OG “check this shit out and try it at home” BS site!


He’s messaged me on YouTube.


PM me your postal address Dasrik. Give and ye shall receive. What is Bruton’s SRK handle? If he still doesn’t have one that would be some achievement! Plus he should be given an honourary 2000 join date!

I love you man, yes homo /faps.


Hell I used to hit up GPOW.