FAQS question

This question is about Super Street Fighter IV / AE.
I know that if I want to know what the requirements are for all of the titles and icons for the vanilla version, I could look here. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/943711-street-fighter-iv/cheats

But what if I wanted to know those same requirements for Super Street Fighter IV?
Where would I go to look?

This looks like a good resource, http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/975212-super-street-fighter-iv/faqs/59813

but if you look through it, you notice it isn’t complete nor as easy to read as the first link. Is there a better reference out there?

Come on guys. This isn’t a dumb question. Some players play to rank up, and others like to coordinate their objectives towards the little things that say that you past the game with all the characters on Hardest, or that you got 50 wins with 40-60% health. This is a good question to ask.

…it’s a great question to ask on gamefaqs. :tup:

Alright. Let’s try something that might be a little more interesting.
My question is this: Those icons with the symbols. I’m guessing they’re Japanese symbols. But what do they mean? What do they translate to?

The main reason why I go on this forum is because this is actually a better forum to talk about street fighter than gamefaqs. I actually thought someone might know how to answer my questions.

This is a better question to ask on gamefaqs, you get the more hardcore players over here (that being dedicated online, or tourny… The point is not icon/title horders) people here tend to care more about real-fight discussions rather than interface issues (unless they relate to fighting, like a training mode lobby or something)

I don’t expect you’ll get a solid answer here.

I know the fireball symbol is an Hadouken.