Far Cry Instincts

Good shit.

Who else on SRK is fucking around with this game?

Me. Beat single player in about 2 days. Had a great time with it. I do wish they’d included difficulty modes. The default setting its on is too easy until the last boss in the game, but even hes not too hard (defeating the minions he sends out can take away alot of your armor, but once he jumps down, its all about circle strafing and then using the primal melee attack).

Xbox Live play is the shit if you can find a room with decent lag (thats not full of Dutch players…wtf is it with the Dutch and this game…? :confused: ). Predator mode = ownage.

I do believe this is the best console FPS of this generation.

I heard that it has a map editor mode, is that true? If so, how good is it? Can you make really cool maps with it? Is it better than the map editor in Time Splitters: Future Perfect?

FPS is not my main type of game but I’m thinking about getting this game.

how does this game play? I heard good things when it was out on the PC.

what kind of modes on live this there? CTF?

and are there vechials?

Theres a map editor in it, yes. Its far better than Pariah’s, and also better than Time Splitters’. I’ve seen some pretty sweet maps online.

Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag (called Steal The Sample in this) and the best mode, Predator mode.

You set how many predators (usually 1 Pred for every 4 regular people is good), and they get life regen, super jumps/leaps, huge speed boost, thermal vision with scent tracks (making it hella easy to see where everyone is/is going/has been) and a uber powerful melee attack. The normal players must make it to a generator and standby and protect it for anywhere from 30seconds-1minute (you can set time limit). Everytime you kill a Predator (which is really fucking hard to do, have to use teamwork), 1 person on your team is allowed to respawn.

Vehicles (all of them, even the water/air ones are in multiplayer :tup: ) - ATV, Humvee, Jeep, Jet Ski, Pontoon Boat, Hang Glider.

Picked up my copy today and by far the best fps i played on the box!

is this better then halo2 and hows the lag so far? cheaters?

Most lag of any game i played online.