Far Heavy Kick can be combo'd!



I have done a far heavy kick into a far light kick…and It sometimes randomly happens to me on LIVE but i can never do it in training…and each time the far light kick comes out after i do a far heavy kick i never think of doing another light kick into an EX Green Hand…that would be an epic combo (But idk if anyone already knows of this link).
It’s very difficult to pull this off…but most likely Vangief would be able to pull this combo link off…
btw…ill try to get a video of this proof up…


You can do it on counter hit. This is not new information.


Far HK
active frames: 4
frames on block: -2
frames on hit: +2

Far LK
startup: 4

two ways to get LK to hit:
either hit FAR HK on active frame 3 or 4 (instead of the first or second active frame) and you can combo into LK as 1 or 2-frame link
or hit FAR HK as a counterhit, which gives you +3 hitstun so 5 frames, making the S LK link an easy 2-frame link


O…ok…thank you…i didnt know…but i was confused…thats all…srry that i dont know ALL my zangief stuff…but still…thank you


or you could do meaty and couterhit and be +8


This is usually not mentioned because it usually just happens by accident. You can’t really reliably get into a situation where you know you’re going to be landing this combo. But I guess it’s good to know that you can do it if a counter should happen. But you gotta react to it pretty quick.


I like to use it to feign a meaty and pop ultra instead, as seen here: [media=youtube]6ql1Jb6Q1J8[/media]


someone might test something along the lines of what vryu does, get a sweep, and use another move to time it.
(for example not sure this would work at all) sweep>empty neutral jump> far roundhouse. i use thinks like that with akuma’s setups

i saw that, that was nice


Is this possible? They would have to hit a button while crouching that would move them into the kicks hitbox. Would be really cool if it was.

Or if that was just a joke. . . im an idiot.