Far-LP into Far-LP = 1 Framer?

afaik the far standing light punch into another far standing light punch is a 1-frame link. a friend, who also thinks that blanka vs gief was always a top match-up for blanka, says that it is not a 1 framer… so, guys, let me know

if i read the frama-data correct, then i’m right :wink:

tell your friend to learn to read frame data

jo bender, mach doch dafür nich extra nen neuen thread! das forum is schon unübersichtlich genug!
lass ansonsten bald ma wieder kloppen :wink:

Does he think it’s a 0 framer then?

I think it’s the good old "hmmm…3 frames startup? so it hits at the 4th frame!!!"
except it doesnt! it hits at the 3rd frame…took me a while, too…very confusing…


Some stuff has changed, but this should be a bookmark for all Blanka players. :wink:

Don’t like that link at all, as it doesn’t believe in ranges or anything.

Shit thread.

but seriously, far s. jab is the following:

3-Frame startup . (how quick it goes from button press to active)

2-frame active. (how long the move goes for)

9-frame recovery. (how long before you can attack again)

The move is +0 on block. Meaning that if you hit your opponent hits you with it and you block it, You can’t punish them after the move finishes.

The move is also +3 on hit. Meaning that you have frame advantage when attacking. Since you now have +3 frames you can link into any move that has the same or lower startup.

far s. jab > far s. Jab = + 3 frames -3 frame startup = 0.

What that means is it’s a one frame link. (if a move that you do gives the exact frame advantage as the startup of another move that means the move is a one-frame link).