Far s.hk and its potentially reduced effectiveness . .

If they’re going to nerf that poke like that, they better make all people block both hits on crouch.

Really, they could’ve just added a new Ultra and have done NOTHING ELSE and Akuma would be fine. Yeah he has good tools and is strong but you have to have great defense to not end up stunned or at the very least beaten by the end of every round. Was a really balanced character, why couldn’t they just balance the other characters out and make them stronger? Christ, this is retarded.

U, U+KKK is the new ultra? WTF. This better be FADCable…

if it’s one frame slower i would like at least plus frames on block. i rather they make his st. lp 1 frame slower than slowing up the start up of his st. hk.

I really do think he’s going to be fine guys. Just get ready to play him differently than you did in SSF4.

I also heard that s.rh no longer stands up. That my friends, is bullshit (as in if it’s true, rh is now half the man it used to be). honestly now I would have even prefer that they just bring vanilla akuma over to ssf4 (even without a new ultraII).

there should be a code where we can pick O.akuma

i feel the same way this is nonsense no combo into ultra still, and now they dump this load of BS

honestly i’d have to say over 50% of my combos start with far st. RH (unless i punish a whiffed or blocked move, i.e srk, ultra)

Everything I keep hearing about HK tells me this move is going to be absolute crap. It is one thing to remove the loop, it is another to remove possibly one of the most important tools in Akuma’s arsenal.

I’ve heard that His S.RH is so bad, that not only does it no longer stand up and have more start up time, it also does no damage and you can’t combo it into anything. on top of all of that, I heard that it has such a disadvantage that you can get ultrad just for using it. on top of ALL of that, I’ve heard that a large japanese man jumps out of the screen when you press the button, and shin-kicks the shit out of you for even pressing it!

And that’s not all, I hear that standing roundhouse is SO BAD, that you can press the button. Go downstairs. Watch “Maid in Manhatten”-- and when you come back up, the move is STILL starting up. And what’s more-- I hear that every time you press standing hard kick-- an angry white man kicks a Somalian Child in the face. EVERY TIME! THAT’S HOW BAD IT GOT NERFED! Akuma’s S.RH is pretty much a hate crime at this point.

I hope I’m getting my point across.

That you love typing long paragraphs?

So…uh…what are you trying to say?

I think he said something about yo mama.

hmmp . . . you nevr did actually say what ur point was, i just remember a bunch of senseless jabber.

Here I thought I’d never find a decent use for the turbo function on my stick, I stand corrected. Stick the button down and cut piracy by 90% in 10 years @_@!

LOL redrapper’s point is that you guys are kinda overreacting to a perceived change in a beta version of the game that has not yet gone through final balance testing.

But some of you were too busy freaking out to realize the humor in what he posted.


No I realized it quite well. I was just being a smart ass about it.

Really, I’m starting to see the bright side here… Capcom wants to make SSFIV more “offense” freindly, but then it makes sure one of the characters that has the most tools at his disposal to attack gets cut short? Fine with me! I started playing Akuma using a runaway style. I can keep playing him that way. Everybody loves runaway Akuma that just keeps jumping back, teleporting and chucking plasma from a distance right? Well, that’s what people are going to get if Capcom decides to stick to its guns and remove one of Akuma’s most important tools to begin his offense.

I really don’t get it. His s. RH is already such a gimped tool against most of the roster who can duck under the 2nd hit and punish you. Sure, seeing Akuma RH loop Sagat is ridiculous, but it’s not like you can just mash the buttons in sequence and TA-DA!! you get a 75 hit combo. It takes a lot of practice and careful timing to get off just ONE loop, never mind 3 or 4. And online where inputs are regularly dropped, if you can get 1 loop per round, that’s pretty good, yet hardly motivation to remove it alltogether from Akuma.

Whatever… I guess now we wait and see what happens. If that’s how Akuma’s going to be, then there’ll be no choice but to go back to playing Akuma really defensively (even more than now) as well as not even touching the 2nd ultra.

Anyway. This is all theory fighter. I’m trying to get a picture as to how much this will realistically impact us IF the change remains. Some folks I feel are overreacting though I agree such a small change does have a lot of implications.

So fs.hk may now have a delayed startup. With these changes, as a standalone attack we retain the ability to follow up with:

  • c.lp > tatsu

  • c.lk > tatsu

  • c.mp > tatsu/etc

  • c.mp > ball > fadc > etc

  • We also (space dependent) retain the ability to perform a cs.hp > tatsu/srk, etc

These aspects and options remain somewhat unchanged though fs.hk obviously won’t come out as snappy as we’re perhaps accustomed to. The loop is obviously out, and insofar I think its fair to assume FADC’d balls > fs.hk might be fickle given the slower start-up and quotes about how it now only works on ‘larger characters.’

The go-to option for standing up crouchers by way of ball > FADC > fs.hk no longer being viable is the kicker (luls). So what now? ball > FADC > c.mp > lp SRK? Maybe ball > FADC > c.hp (stands 'em up) > etc? c.hp has poor range so I’m thinking Akuma’s FADC options from a ball might be best saved for standing opponents or perhaps (if we’re close enough) cancelled into c.hp or c.mp > EX tatsu.

I don’t normally involve myself in these kinds of discussions, but I’m finding this interesting. Mainly because recently I’ve refined this part of my Akuma game and it looks like it will be changed. Its a little like studying for an exam only to find out a big chunk of your source material no longer applies.

The goal here (by discussing it without getting too cranky) is to perhaps determine if this change isn’t as drastic as many are perhaps assuming it is.

^^ Finally.

This man is on to something…

I think without some level of outcry, Capcom won’t notice the disappointment that the Akuma base is expressing. Capcom should at least be AWARE that we are not happy; whether or not they stick with these changes is their perogative, but it’s ours to be heard.


Is this a serious post?