Far standing HP to SA3 help

Any tips on landing this consistently? Do they have to be crouching for this link, or not? That shit has a lot of reach + smacks for good damage and stun, would be great to mix in Ken’s game, any help appreciated~

they have to be crouching, you get a +4 advantage that way, standing is just +2, not enough =(

its the same as c.mp, that has a +4 advantage too against standing chars

its great for chars who can duck s.mp as a far standing link to shippu


not too many crouching characters get hit by a Shoto s. fierce, if i recall correctly.

in Mopreme’s link vid, he does the link vs. Hugo so i’m guessing it’s the taller characters that get hit. even then though, it’s not all that consistent. consider, for example, Alex. he’s taller than Dudley, but when crouching not many things hit him. you probably have to try it vs. everyone, but you can skip Ibuki, Oro and Chun :lol:. those 3 are too damn short when crouching.


ye my bad, i completely forget that like every char can duck it =/

Far stand fierce hits every character but Chun Li on their wake up standing-crouch frames. Anyone down parrying on wake up for instance will get hit because of the 1 stand frame. So you can link super after stand fierce on everyone but Chun Li.

For a more in depth explanation go read:

very interesting.

so essentially, if you’re crouching and you’re not Chun-Li, Ken’s far s. fierce has to be a pseudo-meaty? or a meaty?

k. just read the journal entry. great info on there! too bad i don’t play Ken all that much :lol:. if you can ask any of the big time Dudley players over in Japan, that’d be awesome :tup:.


DooM: what’s the damage scale on that chart? It doesn’t seem to be obeying the 160 lifepoint limit…

it’s not like chunli needed it. ;(