Far standing short kick

This move is godly the only downside is it being down and high parried. I like this move if you a offensive oro and try to stay in their face for pressure. You get a lot of plus frames on it so it leads to parry setups and mix ups to leap attack and the weird sweep he has. Put your thoughts and ideas people. Have to keep this oro thread poppin again.

yup I really love that move, it’s great to keep pressure and for setups as you said…
fast and great range for a light attack…

it really helps to get on the nerves of your opponent when it cuts short any move they attempt to throw at you when your pressuring with it… well, of course you have to watch out for the srk that any decent shoto will pull out after the second annoying kick… (mmm how many goukis I tormented with it…)

but the plus note for me is defenetly ‘getting on the nerves of the opponent’ :smiley:

Yes, LK is a very good move, especially after an early jump-in. It works just like a Chun or Ibuki tick actually. Try doing a kara throw after the tick.

it can also be a VERY clever move against a shoto cr.mk :slight_smile:

Yeah you can hit the start up of ken’s low forward disabling his super activations. I feel like oro rapes any shoto anyway.

actually, it’ll even ‘beat’ a cr.mk when it whiffs :wink: