Farewell Dee Jay~



R.I.P to my nigga Dee Jay

I’m moving on through the tier list, my new char will be either Oni/Juri/Ken/Adon (whoever).
I’ll still lurk on the forums and stuff.
Last night we laid that boy to rest @ http://www.twitch.tv/dialupslim
His last words were: “Don’t cry fo’ me baby, i’m goin’ to a betta place”

Oh why?

Oh why?
I remember when we first met, you was just a mid tier hero from another set
We used to hook up all the time and do combos, we didn’t do much damage 'cuz you wasn’t finished yo

Look here

I remember when you first joined the band, do you remember niggas gettin’ happy over combos they’d land?
All of them meetings we used to have, Daknut, FreeJ4y and I used to fight over which style was the best
Man we had a lot of fun, but now you dead and gone and we missin’ you son
So we wrote this song and it’s called Why!

Why they had to kill him? They had the nerve, to say they balance and nerf
Oh why? Why they had to kill him?
They need to change the logo, 'cuz we can’t trust the Cap-Po

Oh why? Why they had to kill him?

Corner tactics:
Ex slasherwalk up kara grab
LP air slasher walk up kara grab

From Afar (outside of their footsie range)
LP Airslasher walk up far hk

Frame traps
(Da Knutty lol) cr jab x2 walk back st mp ->sobat (vs certain fat chars it will hit them crouching)
cr jab x2 walk back cr mp -> sobat
cr jab close st hk

Hood shit:
Bait fireballs by sliding from far screen, when you are at mid range, bait them into jumping so you can slide u2 or bait another fireball and do reaction u1

st mp / fat st hp look like air slasher, useful to bait people into jumping


"It’s all ova, mon!"
I completely see the issue and wanting to be more competitive, I dabble in a bunch of characters and I can feel the difference when playing someone like Evil compared to DeeJay.

He’s still a fun pocket. Hope your new character goes well!


I moved on to Oni. I guess Dee Jay players never go straight to the top of the tier list. At least now I can make it hurt when I connect a standing normal.


Cl.mk disagress, sucka’