Farewell Digital Mayhem Tournament November 21st 09 Wallingford,CT

Hey how’s everybody doing, its time for the next DM tourney and this time around were having Tekken 6 . Oh yeah, if you guy’s have never been to a DM tourney here’s a link to the most recent [url=“http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=205117”]
I hope you guy’s know that i make things mad fun, and i keep it competitive. I know you guy’s are hungry, this time I’m gonna run more than just SF4, im also running Tekken 6, HDR, KOF12, CvS2 singles, as well as a TMNT:TF tourney if there is enough time/interest. Everybody is welcome to come whether your a veteran, who’s thinking of taking people’s money’s, or your new at the game and wanna have some fun. Who’s gonna be the prove their the best at the new Tekken or prove they have the old school CvS2 Skillz, GET HYPE!

November 21 ,2009

Digital Mayhem
892 North Colony Rd.(RT5)
Wallingford, CT. 06492
For reference, it’s next to a Burger King.

Entry Fees:
$5 venue fee
$5 SF4 Teams (2v2 $10/Team)
$5 CvS2 Singles
$5 Guilty Gear Singles
$5 HDRemix
$10 SF4 Singles
$10 Tekken 6 Singles
$3 TMNT:Tournament Figthers(Side Tourney)
$3 KOF12


We will start registration at 12:00pm and we hope to kick off the tournament around 1:30pm-2:00PM
Digital Mayhem opens at 11am.

SF4 Teams- 2:00pm
CvS2- 2:30pm
Food Break- 4:30pm
Tekken 6 singles- 5:00pm
SF4 singles- 5:00pm


-BYOC (Bring your own controller/stick)
-Button mapping will be allowed. Let your opponent know before the match.
-Pausing during a round results in that player losing that round.
-Double blind pick for people that don’t want to be counter picked during the first match. Call an announcer if you need any help with this.
-PS3 version will be used.
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
-Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.
-All console characters are tournament legal, except Gouki in ST:HD
-All Seeding will be done by Location, just make sure you tell the DM staff your location when you sign up.

-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds. Winner of 1st match must stay as same character loser can change characters if they would like. Winner may change rotation.
-Console Characters are Banned (Evil ryu,Orochi Iroi,Shin Akuma/Gouki,Omega/God Rugal). The characters that are listed in parentheses are the characters that are banned in the tourney.

GGAC Singles:
-Version of Guilty Gear being used is Accent Core (US).
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Matches set at 3 rounds
-Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.

Street Fighter: HD Remix
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds. Winner of 1st match must stay as same character loser can change characters if they would like.
Akuma/Gouki banned

Street Fighter IV Teams
-Only grand finals will be 2 out of 3 matches.
-Each team can only have one of each character. No 2 Bisons on a team.
-Players must stick with their character throughout the team tournament.
-Matches are done Waseda Style 2v2(By popular demand)
-Double Elimination depending on the # of teams.

Street Fighter IV Singles
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds. Winner of 1st match must stay as same character loser can change characters if they would like.

Tekken 6 (Rules Courtesy of B.O.N.E.)
-Double Elimination
-Random Stage Select
-Winner character lock
-3/5 Rounds per Game.
-2/3 Games per Match.
-Losers Finals, Winners Finals and Grand Finals are 3/5 games per Match.
-If they are available for selection, Azazeal and Nancy are banned (for now)
-Blind Selection available upon request.
-Pausing in the middle of a match will result in a forfeiture of that round!!!

TMNT:Tournament Figthers Singles
-US Version will be used
-RatKing and Kurai are banned.
-90 Seconds High Speed 1
-2 out of 3 Double elimination

The King of Fighters XII:
-Double Elimination tournament.
-Player sets will be best 2 out of 3 Matches.
-Winners/Losers Finals will be best 3 out of 5 Matches.
-Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds. Each individual round will be 60 seconds.
-Winner of 1st match must keep their team, but may change rotation of characters.
-Loser may change their team or rotation if desired.
-Infinites/Glitches (ex: Joe Higashi, Raiden/Elizabeth) are not allowed. The player who successfully performs an infinite/glitch will receive both mad props and a forfeiture of their current match


Subject to change depending on entrants(Example: Less than 10 entrants winner take all.)
SF4 Singles- 70-20-10
BB Singles- 70-20-10
CvS2- 70-30
SF4 teams- 60-40
TMNT: Tournament Figthers- 80-20
KOF12-0-8 players: Winner take all (that’s 24 bills yo.)
9-16 players: 80-20 (Winner gets 21.60 for 9 players, for 10+ he will receive 24+).
17-up: 70-20-10 (Must have 19+ players for the winner to receive more than the 80/20 split).

PLEASE BRING PS3’s + Games with every character unlocked!
Were gonna need setups, if people want me to run these games were gonna at least 5 setups for SF4 and Tekken and at least 3 set-ups for CvS2 and GGAC games.
so post up what you can bring and please don’t be afraid to bring your systems. I will make sure there’s a name on you system, and that good care is taken of it.


Tekken 6


Guilty Gear

HDR 360 Harddrives
3.Mr. Dash/Victormaru-Maybe an entire console

KOF 12-PS3


Since Tom still wants me to keep the same results setup, im gonna have ask for the same thing he’s asked for when signing up. If you want the characters that you used posted in the results fill out a sheet provided for you.

I will also have a list of tournament Organizers, if you have any questions about the bracket/seeding/reporting matches or anything that has to do with the tourney ask these people. Do not, i repeat do not touch the laptops, i don’t care how much you know or if you’r just trying to help shit happens and we’ll be the ones that get blamed for it. If you wanna volunteer to help running a tourney let me know i have slots available.

List Of Tournament Organizers:

Tekken 6-Idle
CvS2-Rob Stevens AKA Weak Sauce or Kona
Guilty Gear-Otakuchin
TMNT:Tournament Fighters-Zoob,Fraga

If anybody else wants to help with reporting matches/finding people thats fine, but only these people will be allowed to touch the brackets. If you want to bring TV’s and set-up some more games on the side you can. DM is providing tables so more set-ups can be brought. If you think you can bring an entire set-up that would be awesome. Digital Mayhem thanks everybody for the great times that were had at the store and hopes to see everybody at the last DM SF4 tourney.

Fuc! I cant make it !

Damn no HDR? HDR takes like 2 hours or less to a do a tourney for… I feel bad for mentioning cvs2 in the other thread because now I’m jipping fellow gamer Damdai out of a tourney he loves and in selfishness could be jipping myself out of a ride. Funny how that works… :rofl: I would love to make it and if I can… I’ll bring my own ps3 with hdr how about that.

P.S. Damdai is the man.

P.P.S. Dam~Dai!!! DAM~DAI!!!

It’s official people! CvS2 is in! All you guys that asked for it make sure to come by and represent.

im in there Free Chicken, ftw!

I’ll be there. Hopefully with some new tekken 6 skills.

i missed out on this last one, def make it to this one

Thx for the support guys check out this fight night at Digital Mayhem starting next week. If there is enough interest they will be willing to purchase PS3’s and games so it makes it easier to run tourneys.


Barring anything comming up I’ll be here as well. I’ll bring a setup for SF4

Thx Aumni for the set-up

HDR please, im back in shape and Damien makes me mad :tup:

erm nvm

Well Gonz and I were discussing about changing up games at every tourney we have. I will eventually get HDR back in the line up just not this time around.

Is anybody else able to bring set-ups because it would be greatly appreciated.

hey Tom im gonna ask Zorin to see if he can bring hi’s PS3 to the tourney you can put him donw for an SF4 setup

lolz… AUSA

What are you talking about Jav?

Gotta keep this HYPE tourney alive. Who else can bring set-ups?


yo were SRK at!!!

No one cares cause no HDR.

arigth tekken 6 comes out today at midnigth, i hope everybody starts practicing to get ready for the tourney. It’s gonna be mad hype players, CT has some good comp for Tekken i hear. :wgrin:

@ Damdai: we’ll have HDR in one of the future DM tourney’s, so you’ll have to wait to collect your cash monies:rofl: