Farewell Fedex Fight Nights Tourney + Party!

**Fedex Fight Nights**was started in December '09 as Thursday night SFIV sessions in an unconventional venue:
a Fedex Office conference room in Huntington Beach, CA.

The space has limited us to a humble 20 or so players, but since then we’ve hosted some interesting tournaments, special events, and haven’t missed a 9pm Thursday night that would grow later and later, to the likes of 7am Friday morning. :looney:
Unfortunately the space will be going under heavy downsizing which will no longer provide for us, so June 2010 will mark the close to our crazy nights. To celebrate the experience, and to welcome those who may not been able to make it out, I am hosting the Farewell Fedex Fight Nights Party!

**Where?***Updated! *
Pacifica Ballroom
Hotel Huntington Beach
7667 Center Ave. | HB, CA 92647

Reserved ballroom the event with capacity to accomidate 30-50 people.

When? In FFN tradition,
**Thursday, June 17, 2010 | 9PM **

-There will be a tourney starting promptly at 10pm. 24-man roster, rules TBA.
-Game time on any of the 8+ setups.
-Drinks/Additional set-ups in a reserved room.
-Some snacks and beverages will be provided.
-An awesome goody bag will be provided to attendees! Includes a limited run SF shirt and poster among other stuff…
-and more!

Tickets are $20.
Includes all the above, and covers all expenses of the event.
-You can pay dues to me early at our upcoming FFN session on June 10, 2010 or anytime before the event.
You’ll receive your admission ticket and my gratitude!

-You may also pay dues via Paypal on our FFN blog!! You will receive an e-ticket or request ticket pick-up.

UPDATE: Interested in the after-party? PM me!
RSVP now! We’re reaching our cap of 50 prospected attendees! Gents with a lovely significant other, or just lovely ladies in general, I will work possible reduced cost(dependent on attendee numbers).

**Post on this thread that you’d definitely like to be on the list.
Upon ticket purchase, please also INDICATE SHIRT SIZE **

Check out our blog at fedexfightnights.blogspot.com/ for more info, and here for updates as they come. Let me know you’re interested or definitely gonna hit this up! Thanks!

Reserved for Tourney Info.
If you know FFN tourneys, you can expect there’s bound to be some twist on the traditional rules…

Farewell Fedex Fight Nights: Super Roll the Dice Tourney!
June 17, 2010, 10PM

24-man roster
More details to come.
Cash amounts and prizes TBA.

Please PM me if you are interested in helping by serving as a judge in the brackets.

Reserved for guest list updates.
Confirmed Guests
jack0a7, kitori, kitori+1, evilragnarok, evilragnarok+1 (Yammy), jdm714, risingtied, lainysky, jamesepoop, jamesepoop+1, dj divine, Bland_Wolf, El Toro, downside, colino, davidkang, kosaltaing, wgalo, shizza, gytnews, Robb, Andrew_Strife, primetimegamers, easiertorun, andyocr, Thomas, warahk, Gianpaolo, Josh Kim, Ayochip, Ayochip+1, Minh Hoang, Phantastic

Prospective Guests aka gotta pay: th3butl3r, Carbini, Connviction, Joonthebaboon, Nam, Hiro Watanabe, Tatsu, Tim Lee, Ayochap, Ian Lao, Duy Nguyen, Tunde Adele, Gene Kim, Jose Martin, SONNY, Dan Lee Jo, Ultra David, Jordan Huyen, Steven H. Nguyen

The following have VIP Status!
jack0a7, kitori, evilragnarok(2), Yammy, jdm714, risingtied, lainysky, jamesepoop, dj divine, Andrew_Strife, easiertorun, Connviction.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

Damn George, you’re the man.

the plan finally unfolds!! (this is Andrew btw @ NCR)

Andrew, stop trying to be Minh’s doppleganger! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

in for sure

dude hwo do you want us to help?

In for sure, let me know if you need any help.

I want to help.

I’m humbled by the offers to help and will definitely call upon ya.

I’m open for suggestions, and that can even include beverage of choice :wink:

Sorry I haven’t made it out to FFN lately. Been busy with work. If I can, I’d like to stop by. Late night of course! Let me know if you need me to chip in a couple bucks.

ill be there george. maybe consider increasing the tourney cap though, to get more people to come

hells YES i’d be down for this XD

lol, NCR hypeness… Day 1 = wanted to quit, Day 2 @ Top 8 = wanted to play again thnx to Andy lol.


I’d love to attend. :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

I’ll be at this for sure!
NCR was mad hype.

Totally going to this.

I’ll donate my help if any is needed. :slight_smile:

Just keep being so good at this game.