Farewell Illan FFA tourney results MvC2

1st - Reset (MSP and others)
2nd - Finesse (storm sent IM, santhrax)
3rd - Soo Mighty (santhrax)
4th - duc jr aka MIKE JONES (scrub/clops)

ill try to get full results later.

22 people entered marvel.

Back Then…now

looks like i’ve been cursed since evo. it’s cool though. I’ll just wait it out while i’m overseas. good games to everyone. great seeing you all. keep up the ownage in nor cal illan.


who is finesse?

underground FF player

the real secret member of team beast


Forreal though, who is he?

He’s been around… Just never entered EVO, only local FFA tournys. But like danny said, “the real secret member of team beast.”

vids please!!

Can somebody post vids if you have them?

combofiend told me hes been around since shgl days and that he always followed his ironman for years untill going to ff then he changed his game, i use to beat that guy long time ago with sent alone… he wouldent know what to do, sometimes i wish i still got high, i think i would go back to my higher form lol :sad:

finesse is fucking good.

Good shit guys keep ur games tight!

see you in norcal Illan. We’ll hold hecka tournys for you.