"farewell street fighter 4"-April 17 Tampa, FL


“FAREWELL STREET FIGHTER 4” SF4 Tourney Apr17th Tampa,FL

$10 tournament fee
$5 venue fee mandatory for all tournament and casual fighters
spectating is free

** Console: xbox360**
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (All Finals are 3/5 games)
BYOC (Bring your own controller/converter/joystick)
No banned characters
Winner must keep their character, loser can change character
No macro/programmable/turbo controllers are allowed
100% cash payouts 70/20/10

** Location:**
Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

** Directions:**

** Date/Time:**
Saturday, April 17th
Doors open at 1pm for casuals
Tournament starts at 3:30pm

** Registration:**
April, 17th

Possible team tournament.

We want this tournament to run smoothly and quickly. Respect for one another and the Play N Trade establishment is expected and failure to do so may be cause for disqualification.


I will be there fo sho




No banned characters?!? YES!!! I think we should have a vote on who to ban! I vote Akuma, Ryu, Sagat and Harold.


You don’t have to beat around the bush you vote Bronx,John,PeterG/Ron and harold
That’s not right homie


ill be there


I am very much looking forward to this tournament, When I win this is what I will be doing to 2nd place: [media=youtube]Wewj89x8YKU[/media]


I might just crawl out of the woodwork for this one!


Then I’m also adding Fuerte,Blanka, Gief and ummmm, Boxer and…

Well, I vote to ban everyone but Donvalve.


your donvalve got owned by brian blacks everyone


Psh I was sandbagging for a high stakes rematch. I’ve been working day ad night on Donvalve set ups and his mind blowing mix up game. I’m calling Brian out right here right now for a MM rematch. THREE TIMES the original STAKES. The winner of this match will be well on their way to putting their first born through college.


hmmmm, i really hope a little somethin’ somethin’ is leaked on the net by that time. if not, i probably wont show for that tourney.


i’ll be there, naturally


Junior needs a good education. You’re on Scooter.


Just worked it out with my brother to switch shifts and drive straight from work around 2 pm so as long as you guys aren’t starting til 3:30 I will be there :).


We won’t start with out you sir


SO after the farewell tournament are we destroying copies of SF4 in a big bonfire out back?


Hoping for a decent turnout tomorrow


Gl everyone coming


you too babe.