Farewell to Bas tourney results


1st John Choi "ChoiBoy"
2nd Campbell Tran "Buktooth88"
3rd Ryo Yoshida “Bas”

1st John Choi "ChoiBoy"
2nd Ryo Yoshida "Bas"
3rd Campbell Tran “Buktooth88”

1st Randy Lew "NanoBoi"
2nd Kim Hahn "ohayo1234"
3rd Steven “cableguy86”

Special thanks to Bas. We all wish you a safe trip back home. Hope to see you back in the US soon! :slight_smile:


Good job beating BAS for #1 spot, choi. Start using RCs?


Farewell, good luck, and hope you had a nice stay in the US, Bas. Congratulations Choi for taking the #1 spot in CvS2 AND A3. But I got a questions, what teams were used?

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You need to teach Ron to RC that damn chicken!
Good thing I didn’t play with fire! :stuck_out_tongue:


have a safe trip back home BAS. it was very nice taking you to dinner that one time. i hope you learned some MVC2 like you were planning to do during your visit.

good job Steven on placing in MVC2. you’re placing in more and more tournaments. also, i heard you got 4th in A3, so good job on that too.


see you leters BAS.:frowning: :frowning:




thank a lot
i couldnt do my best at that tournament
but its ok, i enjoyed very much
ill leave here and move LA today
i had great time in sunnyvale
i miss north ca
but one day ill come back i promise
thank you very much

john choi is sexy
I love omni’s beard
mosy:rolleyes: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


bas is short for bad ass, I know it. Have a good trip.


Hope you had a fun trip bas:cool:
Talk to you soon I hope:)



that was classic