Farewell to MOMO's July 25th


Hey everyone,

For those that don’t know me, I run the Columbus Fight Nights at MOMO’s. This is also where the popular Season’s Beatings Series takes place.

Unfortunately, MOMO’s will be shutting down at the end of the month (July 31st) due to not being able to renew their lease due to competition.

For those in the area, next week Columbus Fight Nights will have its last session at MOMO’s from 5 PM until 2 AM if anyone wants to come.

For those unable to come, I’d like to use this thread as a memorial to MOMO’s. Please post your favorite experiences at MOMO’s.

Season’s Beatings 1 was the very first tournament I went to. I was amazed by how large a scene can be for these kind of games (even though it was only a hundred people). I met Ghaleon and Fugee that day as well as some of the Tekken players. That day made me decide that I want to help turn this scene into Esports to be comparable with actual sports.

I will miss this place.

PS: This does not mean the end of Season’s Beatings, those guys are too clever.

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Wow MOMO’s is closing. Just goes to show how shitty things are these days =(

I have been to every Season’s Beatings (except summer slam) including the Operation Beat Justin Wong tournament (was that called SB as well?) and I have some awesome memories there. SB1 was one of the first bigger tournaments me and my friend went to and we both tied for 5th in 3s. SB2 I got 4th iirc. Such good times and memories from all those tournaments over the years.

Sad to see such an awesome place close down but that happens.


goddamnit, i need to get my cab out of there. -_-


SB5 was my first major, so MOMO’s was the first big venue I ever saw. It was an awesome experience, and the energy in the room was phenomenal. Lots of good memories in that place, and I’m sad to see it go. Farewell, MOMO!


End of an era.


Season’s Beatings photos @ MoMos http://www.itbrog.com/photos/


a flyer for SB1 is what lead me to SRK and the realization that I wasn’t the only one with an unhealthy addiction to Marvel. SB2 was my first major. I’m really gonna miss this venue.


Are you kidding me? I just finally got a job and place to stay in/near the city and MoMos is closing a week later?

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man season’s beating:redemtion was my first major i will always keep the place in my memories :frowning:


Keep posting the memories guys. We’re sad to see Momos go. Hell, if I was in a better place financially (and/or a bit more adventurous with my $$) I would have thought more seriously about buying the place from Rudy, since he has been trying to sell.

Obviously SB would never have started without Momos, and SB could never have continued without the community support we’ve gotten in spades over the years. So thanks for doing it big with us.

We have already secured another venue and will be announcing soon, so don’t worry about SB’s future, just reflect on all the great times we had there, which by SBR and SBV the whole world saw!

I will try to find the “Momos farewell” montage we closed SB Velocity’s stream with, complete with Fanatiq’s piano version of Ryu’s SFII ending, and post it here.


How do you think Cbus feels? We’re currently looking for a new place for game nights now.




SB2 was my first major. That’s where I played in my first Arcana Heart tournament, and met other people who actually played the game – most notably Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez. I’ve been there ever since. GGs MoMo2


The first Season’s Beatings was my first major, & except for one Season’s Beatings there, I made it to each one. Definitely some fond memories playing some Tekken, Soul Calibur, Vampire Savior, along with some other games there, as well great memories chilling with all the cool people I’ve met there too. I’ll definitely miss Momo’s…along with the delicious bubble tea. It’s sad, but I’m ecstatic to see what SB holds for the future. :tup:


Have you guys figured out where Columbus Fight Nights will be after Momo2?


One of the best venues I’ve ever travelled to:



First major was SB: Velocity. I got destroyed (2-2?) but I met alot of people, played alot of games and money matched for bubble tea. This major inspired me to get better at fighting games. I was never really passionate and hungry about playing fighting games, but getting whooped on by Flash and seeing Justin play Marvel 2 with VDO inspired me to actually try to get good. I went to my second major 6 months later and actually placed in top 32 in Marvel 3. I don’t think I would be playing as much and as hard as I would if it weren’t for Season’s Beatings. Though it won’t be at the beloved Momo’s, I will try to make this Season’s Beatings coming up in late September. Saving up right now.


We have not unfortunately. I’m going to be looking for a few places, Keister and a few other dudes are looking as well.


Dang, last night was my first and possibly last Columbus Fight night. You guys can’t get somewhere on the college campus like those Fighting Gamers and UCLA Irvine do?


This video pretty much sums it up…


I remember taking a bus to New York and then carpooling down with some Mortal Kombat players. Had an awesome time, and each of us placed in at least one tournament! That was a crazy weekend. Got to see friends from all over the country, meet new people (including international players), drink delicious bubble tea, and press a lot of buttons.

Also, the only interview I’ve done at a fighting game event was at Season’s Beatings the year before. Shoutouts to NerdJosh with the legendary troll during that! Haha.


Thanks to everyone who has ever been involved in running events at MOMO2. It was a great venue, and I have some great memories there.