Farewell to SF4: Your Playtime Stats


Hey guys,

a bit of a silly thread, but I figure it has as much relevance as the “what people message you” thread.

I played the last of vanilla SF4 today, as I am heading out of town until monday tomorrow. Pushed on to play 4000 fights online just because I like that solid number! Was wondering what your numbers said on your console. Here’s mine:

Playtime: 415:34
BP: 3217
Number of Wins/Fights: 2041/4000
Win rate: 51.02%
Streak: 18

I’ve played Ken 2275 times, Cammy 857, and Chun-Li 555. I am apparently best at fighting Fuerte online (85.45%) and worst at Seth (37.36%).

Thanks SF4!

Onto Super times.


I’ve never noticed you can look at character win rates. Where do those numbers come from though? Does this include stuff from arcade and challenge modes? It says I’m 60/90 at fighting Fei Long, but since I main Fei Long I’m very sure I have not played 90 games against Fei Longs, and definitely haven’t lost 30 of them, at least not online. I might have lost against the computer a bunch of times when I first picked up the game, before I figured out how to get my computer to run the game online. It’s so rare to see them online, and when I do see them I almost always win the mirror match. At least definitely more often than I beat Dan players (lol) and it says I have an 80% win rate against them.

Anyway, my stats are embarrassingly bad; I think mostly because this is the first time I’ve ever really played a fighting game extensively. So I’ll just list the non-informative stats.

Played Fei Long 2142 games, Ryu 192, Sagat 123. Best at fighting Dan (80%), worst at Blanka (38.65%).


Those include CPU matches. It’s not 100% accurate!


ya, oh well i guess its a good estimate ._.


-5646 games with gen
-850 hours
-13790 Games
-10108 Wins
-48 Win streak

too much time…


Playtime: 497:52
BP: 1337, ya im gay I stopped after that and waited for champ mode
Number of Wins/Fights: 6468/4315
Win rate: 66.7%
Streak: 32


how do you check these stats for ps3?


1100 hours total 60 % abel


9999:99 hours. I wonder what the sun looks like.


I have that too. I’m pretty sure it’s because I transferred my harddrive to a new xbox when my old one died. It’s an impossible number to hit if you do the math.