Farts = DEATH


I find this kind of news to be funny but depressing. I guess you shouldn’t make fun of people farting, even if it sounded like one of the below.



May seem like the Father may be dealing with guilt issues since he was the one who could have prevented this by NOT taking her over there to fight.

LOL @ the last quote, i can’t view the video linked in there but good games if any of that was true


What kind of father willingly brings his child to another child to fight? Oh yeah. Niggas.


At first I was laughing, A LOT. But now, I just feel disappointed by it all. I really do wonder if this place is hell.


As ignorant as it sounds, only white people would do something such as farting in people’s faces, though I will contradict myself and say that black people would do the same too. I’ll cut someone for doing that to me while I’m taking a nap. :coffee:

Oh, I was supposed to make a comment about a girl dying after unintentionally provoking another with her flatulence. That’s a shitty way to die. On the other hand, I see no reason why the girl was so upset.

Posting a video on this later.

EDIT: Can’t find the video. It was a guy who did the far-lighter thing and his bare testicles got caught on fire.