Fashion and costumes

Heh, a random thought that doesnt deserve its own thread.

I was thinking, rather than silly and awful costumes for a 3D / 2.5D FG, it would be kinda nice if characters had stage specific outfits.

So the alley stage would see the characters in street clothing, the ballroom stage will have them in evening wear, the beach stage in swimwear, etc.

It’d be a refreshing change to have a FG with a more plausible theme/feel, and it would be an interesting way to showcase the personalities of the cast in a more dignified way :wink:

It’d be interesting, I guess. A part of me wouldn’t mind the idea, yet the other part likes my freedom to choose any costume any time I want to. Though I don’t think it’d make the games feel more plausible at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as long as Cammy doesn’t wear pants…

I have to be honest that sounds awesome but how will capcom makes it money with costumes? :wink:

If she uses that in the army I doubt she’ll be anywhere near decent in formal/casual wear.

They’ll try to get us to buy stages? >_>

Well, there’s still plenty of opportunity for choices and DLC:

  • You can choose colours
  • The costume can be a default rather than forcing you. (ie. you’re free to choose swimwear in the alley level if you want.)
  • There can be more than one costume to fit a particular stage (so they can sell DLC costume or costume sets. eg. “Yuri GothLoli pack!” :stuck_out_tongue: )

As for plausible, may I point you to the SF anime that came out with vanilla SF4? I didnt really watch it but I recall a scene where Chun Li and Guile arrived at a stakeout or something to take charge of the soldiers or policepeople there. So like we have this supposedly serious moment and then we drop a pair of FG cosplayers into it :stuck_out_tongue:

At least for something like BB, their entire world is populated by colourful characters and fancy costumes. SF pretends to exist in the real world. (heh, maybe if the random normal characters in the anime were drawn in the style of the racist stereotypes of the SF4 background art…? :stuck_out_tongue: )

There needs to be a bedroom stage with this Cammy in it:

Pfft, way too much clothes for Bedroom Stage Cammy.