Fast and Effective Method of Doing Raging Demon



Hello, I figured out today, and easy and fast method of doing Raging Demon.
Please check out the video, I do not know if this has been done before. If I am wrong, please tell me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


pressing the last 3 inputs at once? thats pretty much how everyone has been doing it


Another way to input the RD fast is by plinking LP~MP~HP then pressing the last 3 inputs at once(forward + LK +HP)


The main point is not pressing the 3 last inputs at once, the main point is that I only press the jab button once.

Really does sound like your method makes this method pointless, as you do two inputs on both methods.


I slam the whole the whole joystick… I have to do it twice though to make sure I get 2xLP… usually gets me the right inputs