Fast fly/unfly? Help!

I’m looking to improve my sentinel game, but I don’t know what fast fly/unfly is.
Can you guys tell me what they are and how to do it?
I’m assuming fast fly is a SJ, to any attack, to fly, and unfly is flying, attack, and unfly in the middle of the move, but I’m only assuming.
Can ya guys give me some info on these, as well as some combos to work with?

Thanks in advance.

look at all the fuckin threads on here

Maybe you should look at the threads; None of them explain fast fly/unfly.

mayebe you DONT NEED any of the threads to explain unfly fly :o
fast fly is self explanatory foo.

fly/unfly mode is used to continue combos or block after canceling fly. For example, if you are flying around and cable jumps in the air and does an ahvb… you want to cancel fly. But if you dont have unfly mode you will be hit. If you have unfly mode you just cancel out of fly then block. Unfly mode is just giving you one more action after you cancel fly. To get unfly mode you got to be hit by something that makes you land on your feet , not your back.