Fast & Furious 6 Times Faster!


Didnt see a thread for it and because Im such a sucker for these awesome movies I made a thread if there is one that i didnt find through 3-4 pages of the search option feel free to close and direct me there.

I will see this day one but I am sorta on the fence with the Letty situation. How the fuck do they make sense of that?

This is also great:

Hate how this series of movies got it’s start - bullshit races with bullshit cars wrapped in bullshit welds that blew off the bullshit intake manifold.

Love where it’s going, though.

I’m ready, I liked the last 2 a lot. Shitty acting and plot aside the cars scenes are top notch.

Seems like each movie in the series improved over the other. Still would be nice to see one last movie taking place AFTER Tokyo Drift though.

I’m actually impressed that they made a decently comprehensible plot out of the first two.

I couldn’t stand the fourth one though, then I saw the fifth one and how it tied in, and it looks better as a whole.

Would watch.

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Man, fuck yo physics.

lmfao…everyones mad cause they dont understand how han still exists. like havent you figured out tokyo drift is the last movie essentially.

The F&F franchise for me is like that one ex-girlfriend that occasionally calls you out of nowhere for a bootycall, and even though you were done with her for good- you can’t resist.

Doomsday Device

Action movie is good for stupidity

Im there but I am not taking my right hand drive. Thats asking for trouble.

Cars and tanks and planes Oh MY!

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I’ll check it out since I enjoyed the fuck out of Fast Five…

Lmao You would think after Han even says we will get to tokyo eventually that Tokyo drift is the last movie. If they want they can end it in tokyo with Dom at the line. I would like to see the tokyo drift cast with the O G cast. I still have no clue how they make sense of Letty.

Other than that Pockets aint empty cuz!!

lol the lil kid from part 1 is still dead but letty and her lesbo ass still lives.

To be fair, we never saw a body. We only assumed she died based on that scene of Dom theorizing in flashback on what could’ve happened to her. Her being alive does take the revenge aspect Dom had in 4 away a bit.

lol is the rock saying fuck?

Ooooohhhhh what a rush?

I like how every action scene with The Rock in this movie makes him look like a stand-in for The Incredible Hulk. Lol.

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hmm so what’s next? drive with no hands?