Fast Question

Is this a common problem?

Someone sends the invite "JOIN ME FUCKER"
I go and accept it, it loads, then I get put back to the Main Menu.

I have to tell everybody to resend, resend again and again. I’m asking because I got my internet patched up, but it’s annoying everytime I want to play some guy. Everybody got it and PSN is shitty? Or is it just my new internet I need to fix up?

PSN’s HDR is just shitty. All kinds of weird stuff like that happens to me all the time.

Alright thanks, Xbox is shitty too right?

Only had a 360 for a few weeks before it ringed on me but I never had any connection issues. I think I lost connection to a room maybe twice.
On PSN, I would be lucky if I only got DC’d twice a night

It happens to me every time on the first invite after starting up HDR. I’ll need two invites before I can actually get in. After that, I’ll only need one. Very odd but also very annoying.