Faster net connections

After reading an article on and talking to my S.Korean friend. Both of them state that the connections in south korea are freaking dynamite compared to ours. I’m really tired of having a substandard internet connection when I know I can get better for cheaper (well. I may have to move to south korea if I want to real deal.) Is there any company or any way I can get some net speed close to that?

Whats the best connection you guys have heard of/had.

I think it’s all dependent on location… I personally believe all the providers have about the same connection and speed I really don’t see any difference where I go.

I don’t think so. My connection speed back before Katrina was many times slower than the connection I’m on now. But I still desire more speed. I doesn’t kill me to wait 5-10 mins for something to load. But the fact that I KNOW the US could do better than this makes me pretty sick to my stomach. I think we hand this all off to private sectors and let them handle all of it. If we could get an internet company with the balls to go ahead and give us the speed that S.Korea has with a fraction of the price the US has (which, I know they won’t because they’d charge an arm and a leg for that kind of speed at first), we’d have more internet companies trying to compete.

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Too sad there’s no fios in GA and I have to pay $50 for att’s 6mbps\512kbps dsl… Ping is pretty good though.

With time warner cable’s broadband, I get 15mbps download, 500kbps upload. I love my download speed, but I could use a better upload speed when I’m uploading images or videos online. As for gaming, no lag ever from me!

I pay $25 a month for those speeds.

ATT Uverse is pretty good for speed since its on a Fiop system.

I have cablevision/optimum and I have 30 down/ 5 up not too bad for 60 dollars a month.

Same here but I live in SoCal, the only difference is that I pay $33. No big deal everything in Cali is more expensive. They are actually offering me a new service that is $20 more and the speed is up to 25mbps. I don’t think I’ll be going any higher, as of now I super happy with the DL speeds on my computers and on my gaming consoles I get no lag when I’m playing with my friends.

I’ve also always consider that it doesn’t matter if I have the fastest internet available but if I’m playing online and my opponent has some crappy service I’m still going to get lag. So until a nation wide service is available and affortable for everybody to get, then I might consider upgrading.

its not true fiber optics.

Paying 100 for TV/Internet/Phone with Comcast Xfinity (introductory rate. don’t remember what it’ll be later)

20mbps down/2.5mbps up

Northern California

I am fine with 10mbps dl/1mbps ul, I am more concerned about ping. avg ping time is 20ms, which sucks for fighting games.

Gigabit fiber to the building, 100 Mbit ethernet out to every condo, no monthly fee besides what I already pay for the condo itself. Gotta love it! :wgrin: