Fastest and Best Portrait I Have Done

Behold the D-Man.

I drew this picture, because my sister requested it. Johnny Depp is cool and all but I normally wouldn’t do something like this. Drawn with pencils, black colored pencils, charcoal, and white pencil.

The size was around 8.5x11.

Finished this in around 2 hours. My fastest ever!

Niiice. At least you sister has good taste and didn’t pick Heath Ledger or something. Johnny Depp is pretty pimp. The tonal shifts are quite nice and very natural. If I step back from the screen (I’m not wearing my glasses) it looks almost like a photo. I think it might have been nice to have just a few highlights in his hair here and there. The tooth of the paper looks odd. I might be mistaken, but it looks like you’re drawing on the wrong side of Canson pastel paper.

Damn, looks mad close to the real thing.

Nice job.

that’s a very nice portrait of Johnny Depp… it really does look like him :slight_smile:

as Chainwhore said, the tooth of the paper gives it an unusual effect - a lil’ like a halftone effect.

good work, man :slight_smile:

damnnnnnn that is good man.

Thats really really good for 2 hours. Wish I could do that =P. Anyways Good Work as usual Gammon.

Wow, this is insane. I love it. One of the best things i’ve seen on SRK. You should definitely draw like this more often.

You should do something on Natalie Portman or Mandy Moore. :smiley:

Very nice. I am humbled before your skill. :china:

DAMN! Nice!

Love, La Bamba

Sigh… it makes my eyes feel good! (^_^)

bows in reverence I had to doubtake before I saw it was done by pencil, good stuff; VERY VERY GOOD!!! :china: